Bossa Nova Baby Juliana Areias celebrates her double nomination for USA Florida Music Award Focus Brasil

Hello Bossa Nova Babies around the globe! What amazing news! I am so grateful and honoured to share with you that the Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby show and album have been nominated for two major awards in Florida, USA!

Would you consider voting for me? It only takes 30 seconds. Anyone in the world can vote at (for Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby in categories 7 and 8 for Best Musical Presentation and Best Brazilian Music CD).

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Your support is very precious to me. Thank you so much for your generous vote and for being part of this journey!

The Focus Brasil Press Award is the most important event for Brazilian Culture and Arts in the USA.

After the craziness of living four months in the USA with the loves of my life, my partner and kids, to promote our artistic works there; investing so much courage, energy, money, time, hard work and emotion – it is humbly gratifying to be nominated among so many amazing artists… including many of our new incredibly talented friends and also one of my idols – Grammy & Latin Grammy finalist Antonio Adolfo (composer of “Sa Marina” and many other Brazilian iconic songs). Congratulation to all nominees! To be nominated alongside you is an enormous privilege… Thank you to the Focus Brasil Foundation team for all the opportunities and to all our old and new friends in the USA for opening the doors, your arms and your hearts, welcoming us so well…

I am eternally grateful to all of you…

Thank you so much for voting at (for Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby in categories 7 and 8 for Best Musical Presentation and Best Brazilian Music CD).

Kisses full of bossa!

Ju 🙂


Olá Bossa Nova Babies ao redor do mundo! Olha que notícia fantástica! Com muita gratidão e honra compartilho com vocês que o show e álbum Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby foi nomeado para dois prêmios significativos na Flórida, Estados Unidos!

Será que posso contar com seu voto? Demora apenas 30 segundos para votar. Qualquer pessoa no mundo pode votar no website ( para Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby, nas categorias 7 e 8 para melhor apresentação e melhor álbum).

Se você votar, por favor deixe uma mensagem abaixo, assim posso lhe agradecer individualmente.

O sua ajuda vale muito para mim. Muitíssimo obrigada pelo seu voto generoso e por fazer parte dessa jornada!

O Focus Brasil Press Award é o evento mais importante de Cultura e Arte Brasileira nos Estados Unidos.

Depois da loucura de ter ido morar por 4 meses nos EUA junto com os amores da minha vida, meu companheiro e filhotes, para promovermos nossa arte lá, investindo tanta coragem, energia, dinheiro, tempo, trabalho duro e emoções – é humildemente gratificante ser nomeada entre tantos artistas incríveis, incluindo vários de nossos novos e super talentosos amigos e também um dos meus ídolos , finalista do Grammy e Latin Grammy , Antonio Adolfo (compositor de “Sa Marina” e tantos outros clássico da música brasileira). Parabéns a todos nomeados! Ser nomeada ao lado de vocês já é um previlégio enorme… Super obrigada todo o time do Focus Brasil Foundation pelas oportunidades e por todos os nossos antigos e novos amigos nos EUA por abrirem as portas, seus braços e seus corações, nos recebendo tão bem…

Sou eternamente grata a cada um de vocês…

Muitissimo obrigada por votar no website ( para Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby, nas categorias 7 e 8 para melhor apresentação e melhor álbum).

Beijos cheios de bossa!

Ju 🙂

WAMFest Canon Ball celebration of WA original music and gender diversity

Article published by Around The Sound


WAMFest 2018 features a special event, as the team from the Canon Ball take over two stages at The Court Hotel.  In the lead up to the event, Around The Sound spoke to the originators of the Canon Ball, Addison Axe and Vanessa Thornton.

The first Canon Ball happened at Fremantle’s Buffalo Club on 10 March this year.  If asked, I would struggle to think of a gig that I’ve attended where the atmosphere was more welcoming, the sense of unity between bands and audience was greater and the smiles on people’s dials were bigger.  The Canon Ball was a salve for the wounds of a world weary of division — between genders, between cultures, between countries.  It was a uniting experience that left people wanting more.

The Canon Ball is happening again.  This time at WAMFest, over two stages at The Court Hotel on Saturday 3 November.  To let you know what to expect, Around The Sound spoke to Vanessa Thornton (Jebediah, Axe Girl, Tommyhwaks) and Addison Axe (Axe Girl, Tommyhawks), who founded the festival.

“The Canon Ball is an event put on by a collective of like-minded people reflecting all genders and identities.  It’s a celebration of female creativity, a carnival of the arts.  We welcome everyone,” says Thornton.

We’re really lucky that WAM (WA Music Industry Association) have let us run these stages for WAMFest, it’s great to have their support for this.  And The Court is a great venue, the performance spaces and the sound and lighting are just about the best in Perth.

“Yes!  That’s it!” adds Axe. “The Canon Ball puts on events where you can be just whoever you are, learn about other ways of being and have an awesome time while doing it.  We just want people to have a good time, you know, and to see what women can do in the music industry.  Not just the performers, but in all parts of the industry, staging, sound, lighting, security…everything it takes to put on a successful event.  And we want people to see it done in an ethical way, to be part of an event that tries to look after the environment as well as people.”

Thornton agrees, “That’s what we’re all about, having a good time, being good at what we do and doing good things.”

We’re all about goodness.”  Thornton says this last bit with her trademark wicked grin, while Axe just full on laughs.  They revel in their goodness, but they’re not aspiring to sainthood.  The Canon Ball is wicked fun.

“Yup, at the end of the day, we just want people to have fun,” Thornton adds.  “The bands at the Canon Ball, they’re not all women, but there’s at least 50 percent women in the bands, they’re female led.  It’s important to us to have that balance.  This isn’t about the gender divide, it’s about bringing people together and showing how the music industry really is.  There’s always been women in the industry, but we’ve been under represented a lot of the time, particularly on festival line ups.  I suppose, if we’re trying to put anything right, it’s showing that balance, and giving everyone a chance to see the awesome talent that women bring to music.”

“Yes!” Axe adds, “We want to run a festival that shows things how they really are.  That’s all.  We want to showcase all genders, all ways of being and the talent that people often miss out on, because there is still a bias towards males in music.  Not always, and things are changing, but there’s plenty still to be done.”

“And we want people so see the talent, to have a great time. Have we said that yet?” Thornton is smiling again and the partners in crime break into uproarious laughter.  They’re deadly serious, but they also get a giant kick out of what they’re doing with the Canon Ball.

WAMFest 2018 is a showcase of the massive talent that is the WA music industry.  Massive not only in numbers of artists and bands, but in the quality of original music that is generated across the state.  With free events taking place in regional areas as well as across Perth over 2 and 3 November, there’s a lot to take in.  We don’t really like to get all preachy here at Around The Sound, but WAMFest is one event you should take in.

Even it you don’t go to any other live music events this year, make some time for WAMFest.  You will be richly rewarded.

If you only get to one WAMFest event, and you really should go to more, make it the Canon Ball.  Having been to the first one back in March, we guarantee you’ll have a great time.  Here’s the line up:
Belle Harvey
Intercontinental Sounds
Juliana Areias
Julie Kember
Legs Electric
Leopard Lake
Lucy Peach
nyanda j.
RTRFM 92.1 Drastic On Plastic DJs

Check out the Canon Ball event page here and get more information on WAMFest 2018 here.

A bit more about the Canon Ball from the organisers
We chose the name The Canon Ball because we want people to have the opportunity to be exposed to artists that are the genuine article, at the peak of their creative powers.  That’s the canon part and, of course, ball, because we want everyone who comes to have the best time, to have a ball.

The Canon Ball showcases women from different cultures, ages and walks of life and welcomes all identities, and genders to join together to rejoice and revel in the arts and creativity.

In a time when the politics of gender have become confusing and excluding of some identities and orientations, we aim to showcase and celebrate the best of female creativity to the whole world.  Come one come all and join us in this celebration.