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70th trip around the sun!

Mamae amada! Feliz 70a volta ao redor do sol! Parabéns e obrigada por ser essa super mulher forte, terna, irreverente, excêntrica… a pessoa mais original, autêntica e educada que conheço… sempre à frente do seu tempo e com uma lucidez que está muito além do chamado normal… Com você aprendi a apreciar a beleza da arte e do diferente. De você herdei a compulsividade e teimosia… que fazem com que meu melhor talento seja a persistência. Essa sua positividade e capacidade de ir em frente… “a arte de sorrir cada vez que o mundo diz não…” Obrigada por existir, obrigada por nos amar… cada um a sua maneira… obrigada por nos ensinar mais com atitudes e silêncios do que com palavras… obrigada por nos dar a vida e nos dar a sua vida… Te amo… Te amamos!!! Viva você!!! Viva a sua vida!!!

Mamae amada! Happy 70th trip around the sun! Congratulations and thank you for being this super woman – strong, tender, irreverent, eccentric… the most original, authentic and polite person I have ever met… You are always ahead of your time and your consciousness is far beyond what is considered normal… From you I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of the arts and of the difference. From you I inherited compulsiveness and stubbornness… which makes persistence my greatest talent. Your positive spirit and capacity to keep going… “ the art of smiling every time the world says no…”

Thank you for existing, thank you for loving us… each one of us the way we are… thank you for teaching us more with atitudes and silence than words… thank you for giving us our lives, thank you for giving us your life… I love you… We love you!!! Viva you!!! Viva your life!!!

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Brazilian Music Global Scene Live

Super live! Super theme! Super panel! Brazilian Music Artists and Radio Presenters representing USA, Brazil, Australia and Japan – talking about the Global Brazilian Music Scene! See you there! Wed 16/8 8.30pm – Brazil, USA Miami Time / Thursday 17/8 8.30am Perth / 10.30am Sydney Time. Live Show brought to you by Focus Brazil – Live at Focus Brazil Facebook Page. #mpb #bossanova #brazilianmusic #braziliansinger #radio #cafebrasil #usa #miami #california #pittsburg #brazil #brasil #bahia #australia #perth #japan #tokyo #genedesouza #julianaareias #bossanovababy #bossanovababycd #kenia #sueligushi #osmarmartins #sergiomielniczenko #carlosborges #focusbrasil #globo #globointernacional #musicabrasileira

Juliana Areias – True Live Concert – Back in action – Perth Sat 15 Aug 2020

Juliana Areias – True Live Concert

Saturday 15 August 7.00pm @ The Ellington Jazz Club – Perth, Australia – BOOK NOW

After her “All That Samba” tour of Singapore and Australia, completed just before the epidemic lockdown,  Perth’s own Brazilian singer-songwriter Juliana Areias, the “Bossa Nova Baby” is glad to be back on stage to present her “True Live” Concert!

“True Live” will showcase the songs that inspired Juliana to keep her sanity, hope, and joy during the fearful pandemic period. She will pay tribute to the iconic Brazilian songwriter Aldir Blanc – who died of Covid -19 on May 4th. Aldir’s unforgettable sambas were co-composed and recorded by some of Brazil’s best artists such as Elis Regina, Joao Bosco, Guinga and  Moacyr Luz.

The concert will also reflect on Juliana’s Brazilian-Australian-Kiwi-World Citizen identity and how we all can feel related to the Black Lives Matter movement through the joyful and powerful songs of Afro-Brazillian composers such as Gilberto Gil, Djavan, Milton Nascimento, Carlinhos Brown, Luiz Melodia, Ale Kali and Luedji Luna. Juliana, originally from Sao Paulo City, has always been passionate in exploring her European, African and Indigenous roots. Juliana will also touch on her connection with Bahia, the most African State of Brazil, where she lived prior to moving to Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia.  Above all, this concert will celebrate the rich mixture of humanity, the joy of being alive, and the life-changing contributions made by music and musicians.

Juliana Areias is looking forward to performing again with her band of dear friends and incredible musicians – showcasing the amazing talent and cultural diversity we are so lucky to have in Perth: Paul Millard – sax/flute, Joshua de Silva – guitar, Tommi Flamenco – bass, Bronton Ainsworth – drums and special guests: percussionists Rafael Medeiro de Souza and Lee Coumbe along with samba de gafieira and forro dance teachers Ana Lucia Pereira Silva and Sarah Quinn – co-founders of “Let The Dance Speak”

Juliana Areias is an award-winning Brazilian Singer-Songwriter. Her debut original album “Bossa Nova Baby” won “Best Brazilian Album” at the US Focus Brazil Awards in 2019 and spent five weeks in the US Jazz Top 100 . Juliana has been nominated five times for Western Australian Music Awards including Best World Music Act and Best Song. Dubbed the “Bossa Nova Baby” by iconic Brazilian journalist Ruy Castro, Juliana has performed across Europe, USA, Japan, Latin America and Australia – including shows at the Sydney Opera House,  Montreux Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott’s in London, the Green Room in New York, Fukiagi Hall in Japan, Auckland Festival, and Beco das Garrafas in Rio de Janeiro. Now it is your turn to feel spellbound by the Bossa Nova Baby, Juliana Areias.

–“The idea of mixing styles and cultures is reflected in Areias’ life and her music.”, Daily Record – USA

–“Rhythmically perfect and passionate vocal delivery. The toast of the Perth Jazz Scene. The release of Bossa Nova Baby has elevated her above a mere covers singer or bossa specialist. The singer excels in an elegant co-composed duet (Belas Artes) with Australia’s finest Brazilian-oriented 7-string guitarist, Doug de Vries” – The Australian

–“We celebrate the changing face of Australian music with Brazilian-born, Perth based singer Juliana’s excellent, Bossa Nova-centred album.” – ABC Radio National

–“It’s bossa that plays soccer with Jazz – as it has since the 60’s – and scoring a goal.” – O GLOBO – Brazil

–”A wonderful Brazilian-Australian bossa nova baby with contemporary bossa nova songs.“– Key and Chords – Belgium

More information:

Juliana Areias – True Live Concert

Saturday 15 August 7.00pm @ The Ellington Jazz Club – Perth, Australia – BOOK NOW


Juliana Areias Live – Sydney Choro Club – Instagram / Facebook

Juliana Areias Live interview at @sydneychoroclub Sunday night Brazil / USA Time – Monday morning Australian Time (6am- Perth).

Juliana Areias is an award winning Brazilian Singer-Songwriter based in Perth, Western Australia.

Her debut original album ‘Bossa Nova Baby’ charted at #70 on the US Jazz Top 100, following her win of ‘Best Brazilian Music Album’ at the US Focus Brazil Awards 2019. She has also been nominated five times for Western Australian Music WAM Awards as Best World Music Act  2019/2016/2015 and Best Song of the Year for “Mare Cheia” and Flecha  WAM SOTY Awards 2015.

Dubbed the “Bossa Nova Baby” by iconic Brazilian journalist Ruy Castro, she has performed at major stages in Europe, USA, Japan, Latin America and Australia including the Sydney Opera House,  the Montreux Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, the Green Room in New York, Fukiagi Hall in Japan, Auckland Festival in New Zealand and Beco das Garrafas in Rio de Janeiro.

Along with her passion for Bossa Nova, MPB and Samba de gafieira dance, Juliana Areias produced the first Roda de Choro in Perth performing a full house concert with virtuoso guitarist Doug de Vries and his Sexteto Zona Sul in 2013. All of them also participated at the legendary Jam Session with Yamandu Costa in Adelaide in 2014. After it, Juliana Areias and Doug de Vries co-composed and recorded together their Choro song “Belas Artes” (Fine Arts), one of the original songs of Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby album.

– “The idea of mixing styles and cultures is reflected in Areias’ life and her music.”, Daily Record – USA

–  “We celebrate the changing face of Australian music with Brazilian-born, Perth based singer Juliana’s excellent, Bossa Nova-centred album.” – ABC Radio National, Australia

– “It’s bossa that plays soccer with Jazz – as it has since the 60’s – and scoring a goal. Bossa Nova Baby” is a welcome surprise of good Brazilian music, made far away.” –  O Globo, Brazil

– ” A wonderful Brazilian-Australian bossa nova baby with contemporary bossa nova songs.“– Key and Chords, Belgium

– “The toast of the Perth Jazz Scene. The release of Bossa Nova Baby has elevated her above a mere covers singer or bossa specialist. The singer excels in an elegant co-composed duet (Belas Artes) with Australia’s finest Brazilian-oriented 7-string guitarist, Doug de Vries. Rhythmically perfect and passionate vocal delivery”.– The Australian, Australia

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Sampa – identity, love, hate, misunderstanding and transformation

Two Brazilian artists and world citizens born in São Paulo City travelled from New York City and Perth, Western Australia to perform together this song about their birth city, São Paulo, nicknamed “Sampa”, the largest city in the South Hemisphere and the economic centre of Latin America – the “city that never sleeps”and always attracts ambitious and dreaming new immigrants. São Paulo is also the epicentre of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Brazil in 2020.

Sampa, the song composed by Caetano Veloso talks about identity, love, hate, misunderstanding and transformation.

Today, 12 June 2020 it is Loving Day in Brazil, in the same week of the birthdays of Joao Gilberto (the creator of Bossa Nova) and Guinga (Contemporary Choro and baião fusion Composer) – both born on 10/12.

Having all these symbols in mind and trying to make sense of Brazil and the World in this moment of so many deaths and so much confusion and despair, it feels to me that Sampa translates well all these feelings of love, hate, misunderstanding and searching for transformation and a new identity.

May we be able to transform and evolve.

“When we were face to face I didn’t recognised myself.

I called what I saw distasteful, distasteful, distasteful.

For Narcissus thinks that what is not a mirrow is ugly.

And what is not yet old scares the mind

Nothing like it was before, we find hard to transform.

In this difficult start

I push away what I don’t understand

And who comes from a different dream of a happy city – learns very quickly to called it reality.

For you are the inversion of the inversion of the inversion of the inversion.”

Caetano Veloso

Special thanks to :

Alina Ramirez Melendez

Nicole Duffell – Maduro SG Jazz Club

Mario Alberto López Lara

Josse Manuel Chemaney – Juliana Areias – YouTube Channel – All That Samba Tour Playlist

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All That Samba YouTube Playlist – Keeping alive and searching for meaning

Hello beloved people around the planet… Since Mid March you have not heard much about music from me, but much more about my political journey … Thank you for caring, for listening… You know who you are…

Each one of us is coping the best (or worse) we can with these multiple global crises… Most of the time I have been feeling in fear, lost, depressed, worried, guilty, overwhelmed, drained, paralysed… finding very hard to be my “normal positive self”, with all tragedies around… searching for perspective, meaning in every view, every news, every day, every challenge… Dealing with survival, life threatening and death in the family and of friends.

Brazil’s out of control situation particularly has created even a serious identity crisis… Is the Brazil I represent with my art still current? This colourful country with friendly and talented people capable to face any challenge with creativity and joy? Or has Brazil become just a country of brutality and hypocrisy? How to keep singing the beauty of a country that is dying, is killing itself?

I have no answers yet, but I can see that I am not the only one feeling like this… And, ironically, this seams to be the only way I can feel some hope for Brazil, for humanity, for the planet, for the future, for my art…

Since I am not feeling strong, I am not yet capable to smile and produce “lives” as requested by some people I love … But I am finally very slowly uploading a playlist on my YouTube channel with live performances from my most recent All That Samba Tour around Australia and Singapore which we were lucky to be able to finish in mid March 2020… Only three months ago,but it feels like it was another life… There are about 15 news videos there and I will keep uploading more slowly… when I find energy to do so… I hope it can bring us some hope, light and joy…

Keep looking after yourselves and helping others anyway you can…

With love , Ju

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I can’t breathe

Marielle Franco painting by artist Will Barcellos

Black lives cannot breathe for centuries. Now that Covid 19 pandemic asphyxiates the world’s health and economies – we cry for air, for justice, for protection, for solutions, for humanity. We can feel a bit in our own white skin what Black people endure for centuries, every moment of their existences. We White people can usually chose to not worry about it most of the time. This is a choice never available for Black people. Black people can’t breathe for centuries and again even less than us White people during covid 19 crises. Shaw we White people keep our choice of not worry about? This choice is our most macabre privilege. This choice make us less human.

In the photo, we have George who was killed in the USA but also 2 other people who were killed in Brazil.

Marielle Franco was killed about 2 years ago. She was a very important human rights politician and activist who dedicate her life to investigate crimes committed by the police – people who was killed for the police without justification. Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro and his sons are under investigation as it seams that they might be connected to her assassination.

The third image is Joao Pedro Mattos, a 14 years old boy who was killed by the police in a favela in Rio. The police invaded his house and killed him without justification. This happened only few weeks ago in Brazil, before George got killed in the USA.

It is very important that we talk about it and make it to stop.

Black people were used as slaves in the whole American Continent for centuries. After we “gave them freedom” – they become and are still the most marginalised people, the poor, the criminals of our irresponsible society.

The situation in the USA and Brazil is exploding as a pressure cooker – because the population realises that they are already dying in the middle of an epidemic of covid 19 that is truly out of control and plus they still need to face this level of violence from the police always. The police and the government should be there to protect the people and not to kill more people.

It is too much…

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Corona Virus kills Aldir Blanc in Rio.

Corona Vírus mata Aldir Blanc no Rio – um dos maiores letristas brasileiros. Não há palavras para substituir sua vida e suas próprias palavras…”O Brazil não conhece o Brasil. O Brazil está matando o Brasil” . O Brasil literalmente “De frente pro crime”.

Corona Virus kills Aldir Blanc in Rio – one of Brazil’s greatest lyricists… No words to replace his life and his own words: “Brazil is killing Brasil. From Brazil S.O.S to Brasil.” Brazil literally facing the crime.

Song: De Frente pro Crime by João Bosco e Aldir Blanc.

Recorded at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2 March 2020
Copacabana & All that Samba Concert – Juliana Areias & Marvio Ciribelli

Juliana Areias – voice
Márvio Ciribelli – Keys
Mulish Piochaud – Bass
Josh Baldwin – Drums
Flavio Peres – drums
Production by Brendan Fitzgerald -Emotion Productions

Update 4 June 2020 – Brazilian Congress approves Emmercial Support for Artists during Covid-19. The new law approved is called “Lei Aldir Blanc “.

luto #aldirblanc #coronavirus #covid_19 #brazil #joaobosco #defrenteparaocrime #irreplaceable #obebadoeaequilibrista #guinga #cataventoegirassol #querelasdobrasil #rip #lostlives #death #culturematters #culturabrasileira #musicabrasileira #brasil #brasilidade #tristeza #perda #crime #bolsonaro #bolsonaroassassino #ficaemcasa #stayhome

Brazil does not deserves Brazil. Bye Bye Aldir. Bye Bye Brazil…

“O Brasil vai se despedindo aos poucos. Mataram a democracia, a bandeira, o hino, os símbolos nacionais e, agora, com o auxílio inestimável do coronavírus, vão eliminando o povo.

Não é preciso dizer quem é o sujeito dessas ações. Você sabe, eu sei, todos sabem.

Quando Aldir Blanc foi pego pelo coronavírus e precisou da solidariedade de amigos para ser internado em uma UTI, eu tive medo. ‘Aldir, não’, pensava eu, na solidão cidadã que se alastrou por este território outrora denominado país.

Aldir, o maior letrista brasileiro – o gentílico se aplica a ele com singela delicadeza -, dono de mais de 500 canções em parcerias com os maiores melodistas desta terra, vivia uma vida franciscana para a monumentalidade de direitos autorais a que teria direito. O autor de “O Bêbado e a Equilibrista” não tinha plano de saúde.

Foi através do apelo de sua filha Isabel que uma rede de amigos se uniu para prestar solidariedade – em meio ao caos sanitário que massacra o Brasil -, agilizando a transferência do compositor para uma UTI.

Foi um dos gestos mais bonitos de carinho que já testemunhei. Ali, pôde-se ver um Brasil que ainda não acabou completamente – e o quanto Aldir Blanc e a família Blanc são amados por quem sabe reconhecer a luta pela democracia, pela arte e pela liberdade.

O drama da família Blanc é o drama de todos nós brasileiros, órfãos de país, órfãos de democracia, órfãos de memória. A esposa de Aldir, Mari, está internada com o coronavírus neste momento. Não haverá despedidas.

Qual dor pode ser maior do que essa?

Eu respondo: a dor de passar por esta catástrofe sanitária – revestida de desumano isolamento afetivo – e ainda ser massacrado todos os dias por um genocida que mata, debocha, provoca e mente.

Quem ama a arte, a democracia e a vida humana está, neste momento, despedaçado pelo volume colossal de horrores promovido pelo Estado brasileiro.

Aos poucos, o Brasil – aquele Brasil que um dia foi imaginado e experimentado por todos nós – vai nos deixando em definitivo, sob a perplexidade de uma sociedade que aparentemente desaprendeu a reagir.

Eu choro a morte de Aldir Blanc com toda a dor institucional que dilacera meu coração. Para mim, não morre apenas um dos maiores compositores da história deste Brasil em extinção, mas um ser humano adorável, pai, marido e amigo querido daqueles que tiveram o privilégio de cruzar o seu caminho.

O Brasil não merece o Brasil. O Brasil está matando o Brasil.

A morte de Aldir não é apenas a morte de Aldir: é um aviso para que saiamos desse imobilismo chocante e confrontemos aqueles que nos matam todos os dias, através do ódio e da política da vingança.

Esse Brasil que vai se despedindo não irá mais voltar. Moraes Moreira, Rubem Fonseca, Aldir Blanc vão levando consigo parte das nossas identidades. A responsabilidade, agora, é construir um outro Brasil, igualmente forte, pujante e pleno de cultura e ousadia – mas inexoravelmente novo e distinto.

Este Brasil que se despede sequer é mencionado por este governo que nos assaltou e tenta nos arrancar o futuro todos os dias. Eles ignoram e detestam o Brasil democrático que superou a ditadura sangrenta com as músicas de Aldir Blanc. É uma sensação terrível de desterro, abandono e violência.

A morte de Aldir nos arremessa nessa realidade dramática que se confunde com a imensa dor pela perda de sua vida.

Ouçamos a obra de Aldir. Leiamos suas crônicas. Saudemos seu legado como o registro do melhor Brasil de todos os tempos, o Brasil que esmagou militares golpistas com arte e esperança equilibrista.

E que transformemos seu legado em energia política e artística para virar esse jogo mais uma vez. Ele iria gostar disso.”

Gustavo Conde

Commentary on Call for $750m rescue package for coronavirus-hit Australian arts – The Guardian Article

As a performing artist active and based in Australia, contributing positively to the growth of Australia Economy, Arts and Culture for over 10 years, like thousands of Artists in this country, I was one of the first affected by the necessary restrictions made to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus, which closed all live music venues since 16th March 2020. This has not only cancelled and postponed all live performances since then, but most venues have not been able to pay for the performances and concerts already done since February yet. We understand how serious the situation is and we support the venues, as we value them and we want them to survive.

The Arts sector is never mentioned as per say we don’t exist, we don’t count, we are useless, art is not essential in any society… however, we are always expected to survive somehow and to keep providing “free entertainment” to the population, making online live stream performances, new songs, new stories, new collaborations, begging for “donations” to keep producing art.

In this period of isolation at home or in every day “normal” life really, we humans rely on the arts sector to keep us happy, motivated, inspired, thinking, questioning… Every time we hear a song, watch a movie, enjoy a dance, read a book, admire a painting, a sculpture, a photo, a drawing, a video, a game… all this “content” is made by artists, these people who don’t exist…

Thank you for the mention. Thank for the action. I hope we can be treated with dignity.

We do exist, we count, we are worthy, we are essential in any society and even more during this time of crisis.

Juliana Areias

Read The Guardian Article: Call for $750m rescue package for coronavirus-hit Australian arts

Survey finds 58% of respondents support government help for the industry and just 24% oppose it

The arts industry is worth $15bn annually to the economy but most of its 193,600 workers have been excluded from the jobkeeper program. Photograph: Saeed Khan/AFP via Getty Images

The Australia Institute is calling for a $750m rescue package for the arts industry after the closure of pubs, clubs, theatres and recital halls left almost 200,000 creative arts workers out of a job.

The arts industry is worth $15bn annually to the national economy but most of its 193,600 workers have been excluded from the federal government’s $130bn jobkeeper wage replacement program, despite defining themselves as “sole traders” like a tradesperson.

And their plight is certain to continue for several months, longer than for many employment sectors because service industries will be among the last to re-open.

The progressive Australia Institute thinktank believes the federal government should deliver a $750m rescue package for those in the creative arts, and reports an opinion poll found strong voter support for the idea.

The institute calculates the closure of performance venues including art galleries has cost national gross domestic product the equivalent of $14.7bn a year.

“Creative and performing arts employ four times as many people as coalmining and as many as in finance, yet the economic contribution of this sector is rarely discussed,” research director at the Australia Institute, Rod Campbell, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Campbell said an institute opinion survey had found 58% of respondents supported government help for the industry, and just 24% opposed it.

“The Covid-19 crisis has hit the arts hard, with reports of over $330m in contracts lost,” he said.

An organisation to track the numbers of lost jobs in the industry has been set up by the Australian Festival Association and the Australian Music Industry Network.

Called I Lost My Gig, it has calculated that as of 7 April some $330m in paid performances had been dumped.

On Wednesday Labor accused the federal government of adding to the “pain and uncertainty” of the performing arts by suspending local content quotas for new Australian dramas, documentaries and children’s programs for domestic broadcasters.

The opposition’s arts spokesman, Tony Burke, called it a “blow for a screen sector that’s already hurting”.

“Screen production has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, with many thousands of people losing work,” Burke said in a statement on Wednesday.

Screen Producers Australia also criticised the government’s hard suspension of local content quotas.

“These hard cuts have the potential to at worst cripple Australia’s production industry and at best snuff the opportunities for a rebound for much of our sector at a time when it is facing a very real battle for survival,” said Matthew Deaner, the CEO of Screen Producers Australia.

The majority of arts companies and casuals will get little benefit from the jobkeeper package
‘The majority of arts companies and casuals won’t be able to access any stimulus or income support announced to date.’ Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

Data released this week proves what the arts and recreation industry already knows: we are by far the industry hardest hit by Covid-19’s economic destruction.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 47% of arts and recreation businesses remain trading. And that number is falling.

By contrast, across the majority of Australia’s industries, over 90% of businesses are still trading – testament to their extraordinary capacity for adaptability. It’s hardly surprising, however, that the industries wholly dependent on public engagement are the most endangered.

The creative industry was the first hit by Covid-19. Our event cancellations and gallery closures were making front-page news back in early March – which already seems like a lifetime ago.

Across Australia, there are 50,000 professional artists and 600,000 workers in the creative industry. The overwhelming majority are not employed fulltime. The industry’s self-generated income has disappeared. And yet the majority of companies and casuals won’t be able to access any stimulus or income support announced to date.

Bookshops, galleries, museums, theatres and cinemas all over Australia have been closed by government order. Festivals, residencies, regional and international tours have been cancelled. And rightly so: we all need to take very good care right now. Yet while the aviation industry – which is just a sixth our size – was given a $750m package a couple of weeks ago, nothing has been offered to the industry that inspires the nation and the world.

So why that perilous gap? What makes the industry so unique?

The creative and cultural industries contribute $111.7bn to GDP, compared with aviation’s $18bn. Unlike aviation, our cash flows don’t follow steady daily and monthly patterns, and so it’s hard to demonstrate our downturn. Festivals, art fairs and biennials, for example, transact 80% of their year’s turnover within just a few months.

That means that the past few months don’t yet show the downturn; it hasn’t happened yet in dollar terms, even though it’s absolutely happened in real terms. Or they might have received a grant in advance of an exhibition or event that’s already been cancelled. It’s hard to show that that money can’t go towards current staffing.

On top of all that, there are galleries and theatres all over regional and suburban Australia that are owned by local, state or federal government. No income support has been announced for them.

Last week, a government media release claimed that the jobkeeper package would “keep the spotlights shining in the arts sector” because “most organisations” would be eligible.

The industry has been united in making it clear that this is very much not the case.

It’s ghostlights, not spotlights, in our theatres and galleries across Australia right now.

Companies who can’t demonstrate their downturn across just the past couple of months can’t access the jobkeeper payment that allows them to retain staff. Casuals – the lifeblood of the industry – who have not worked with one employer for more than 12 months won’t be able to have that payment claimed for them. Migrant workers on visas can’t access any support at all – and despite the taxes they pay through all their hard work, they can’t even access healthcare.

Despite business, industry and union groups all over Australia seeking the inclusion of all workers in income support measures, the government has dismissed calls to protect a million of our most vulnerable workers. It just doesn’t make sense.

Why would a government ignore an industry that contributes 6.5% of the economy? An industry whose work is enjoyed by all Australians, as well as audiences in their millions around the world?

Yesterday, Australia’s artists reached over 920,000 people online by asking the prime minister and treasurer to act now to #CreateAustraliasFuture.

Today parliament sits to make those decisions. The opposition has made it clear that it will move amendments to ensure that casuals and migrant workers are covered, but the government has been steadfast in saying they won’t consider it.

Meanwhile, the entire nation is craving the return of our cultural life after the greatest disruption we’ve ever experienced.

In a rather creative mixing of metaphors, the prime minister has spoken of the “bridge” we need to build beyond “hibernation” to the brave new world on the other side.

A momentous question faces the people we’ve elected: what kind of future Australia do we imagine there?

Esther Anatolitis is executive director of Nava, deputy chair of Creative Arts Precincts, and one of Australia’s leading advocates for the arts.

Jobkeeper payment: am I eligible? Here’s everything you need to know to register