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Juliana Areias opens The Surrealist Ball – Dali Land – Fringe World Festival

Friday 18 Jan – Fringe Festival – Dali Land – Surreal Ball – Opening Night featuring Abbe May, Juliana Areias Duo with Joshua de Silva and many more. Book Now

Walk the red carpet into the mind of Salvador Dali in an exclusive, cocktail-style event and be one of the first people in the world to experience DALI LAND.

Including full access to all exhibition areas, guests will also see a range of premier performers and artists deliver an unforgettable evening of food, wine, art and decadence. Pull out all the stops and dress to impress as you walk the red carpet into this exclusive event.

Tickets include champagne on arrival, canapé food service and all entertainment from 7:30pm to 11:00 before retreating to The Salon rooftop bar to watch the sun rise over Fringe World 2019.

For 30 days, the currently vacant Metro City will be transformed into DALI LAND, a four-level temple to the surreal from 18 January to 17 February 2019. Designed by Perth curator Robert Buratti, DALI LAND is an immersive exhibition that gives the people of Perth the unique opportunity to enter the mind of surrealist master Salvador Dali.

With 2019 marking the 30th anniversary of Salvador Dali’s passing, the exhibition will feature more than 200 of Dali’s works, including drawings, sculptures, film, graphics, virtual reality and photography.

A secondary DALI LAND exhibition entitled Unconscious Contemporary will showcase works of early surrealist masters Max Ernst, Andre Masson, Jean Cocteau, Andre Breton and Man Ray alongside contemporary artists including Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Stormie Mills, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Alex Maciver, Ben Juniper, Steve Browne, Robert Buratti and Katie Moore.
Unconscious Contemporary will also feature works by filmmaker Alex Proyas (director of The Crow, Dark City, Gods of Egypt, I-Robot) and award winning photographer, Thor Engelstad.

Included in the exhibition ticket, visitors to DALI LAND can also experience the Dada Cinema, where the best and most influential surrealist films of all time will be shown. View screenings of films by Maya Deren, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Hans Richter, Ferdinand Leger to name a few. Or step into the award winning virtual reality experience that is “Dreams Of Dali”, and take a trip through Dali’s most mesmerising visions.

In addition to the exhibitions, DALI LAND will play host to a spectacular nightly program of live events and performances during the Fringe World Festival, including:

Step into a surreal realm for a cocktail-style event like no other. Guests at The Surrealist Ball will be the first people in the world to experience DALI LAND. Entry includes full access to all exhibition areas and guests will experience a surreal night of entertainment, food, drink, fun, art and debauchery.


Legendary British singer Lily Allen descends into Perth in a DALI LAND takeover for one night only on 12 February courtesy of Frontier Touring. Fresh from the June release of her brilliant fourth record No Shame, the pop star will perform huge sets in an electric show for fans at DALI LAND. This will be her first Perth show in four years.

Take an immersive trip into the heart of DALI LAND with the award-winning Briefs Factory. As you wander through this carte du jour of live carnal mischief, experience visceral masterpieces and ferocious mayhem as the surreal becomes reality. Don’t miss the world premiere of this immersive, site-specific, theatrical extravaganza set amongst the original works of Salvador Dali. Audiences move freely through the Dali Land exhibition at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see, and everyone’s journey is different and unique.

The cult late night variety show and debaucherous disco after party, comes to the Surrealist Salon right in the heart of DALI LAND. Your favourite Briefs boys, with their fierce sisters from Hot Brown Honey, and a cavalcade of world-class, hand selected cabaret and circus artists will deliver an overdose of satisfaction and dance floor smashes. Stomp it out on the catwalk, dance until late, laugh until you ache and surrender to the utter fabulousness that is Club Briefs.

For those who wish to continue the party late into the next morning, The Salon Bar will unleash its nightly soiree from 10:00pm to 5:00am. Taking over the Metro City roof top, the Salon Bar will not only boast some of Perth’s best views, but will accommodate your nightly desires with surreal cocktails, along with an epic program of live music, magic, burlesque and comedy.

DALA LAND will partner with surrounding restaurants to present Dali Dinners to the people of Perth. These rare culinary experiences will mimic the likes of the extravagant dinner parties Dali hosted himself in the 1970s. Featuring weird and wonderful recipes created by the Maestro himself, Dali Dinners will offer an evening of surreal degustation.
All ages

Salvador Dali explains, “Surrealism [to be] destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting ones vision.” Thus, Dali Land is evidence that with surrealism at its core, there are no limits, providing Perth with a never-seen-before sensory artistic experience.

Dali Land is produced by Creative Nation and Buratti Gallery and showing during Fringe World Festival 2019.


Our Multiverse Tableau Vivant

“Magritte jumps into the sea
of Aphrodite, petite mort
Joan of Arc
kisses Da Vinci
tableaux vivant d’amour”

This is a translation from Portuguese of the last verse of the song “Belas Artes” ( Fine Arts) composed by Doug de Vries and Juliana Areias.  The song is dedicated to Juliana’s love,   Australian Cybernets Artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman. It talks about how Juliana sees Geoffrey’s artwork creations and inspirations. It is also about their love story and things they love doing together such as creating tableau vivants.

Tableau Vivant  – Joan of Arc – Created by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman & Juliana Areias –  Perth, Western Australia, October 2018.

Tableau vivant for Halloween… Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) was burned at the stake in 1431 for the heresy of talking directly with God and dressing and fighting as a man. Jeanne was one of thousands of people (mainly women) burned as witches in medieval times.


Tableau Vivant – Frankenstein, created  by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman and Juliana Areias – Perth, Western Australia, October 2017.


Tableau Vivant – Magritte Leap after Golconda by Rene Magritte, created by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman – Perth, Western Australia, March 2013.

The Lovers – Magritte Kiss by Rene Magritte. Juliana Areias and Geoffrey Drake-Brockman at MoMa,  Museum of Modern Art, New York , USA, March 2018.

Frida Kahlo & Rene Magritte surreal presence in a burlesque night…

“Frida Kahlo e Rene Magritte “baixaram” surreal-sorrateiramente na noite burlesca…”

Full Lyrics in Portuguese with English translation of the song “Belas Artes” (Fine Arts) by Doug de Vries and Juliana Areias, dedicated to Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.


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Tour in Paradise – Cairns – Queensland – Australia

1 a CairnsTanks Arts Centre Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby Jazz Up North SeriesThank you Cairns! We had an amazing time perfoming at this fantastic venue, the Tanks Arts Centre in the middle of Cairns Botanic Gardens! Thank you The Tanks Team for your superb work on production and warm welcome. Thank you Tony Hillier and the Department of Culture and the Arts WA for supporting our tour. It is always a pleasure to share the stage with these super inspiring and positive vibe musicians – Paul Millard, Ray Walker, Shai Martin, Joe Southwell and Bronton Ainsworth.  Thank you to all of you who went there! Beautiful people, place, music, spirit and laughter! A time to be remembered, a tour in paradise.

1e CairnsTanks Arts Centre Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby Jazz Up North Series Paul Millard Shai Martin Bronton Ainsworth Joe  Southwell Ray Walker1f CairnsTanks Arts Centre Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby Jazz Up North Series Paul Millard Shai Martin Bronton Ainsworth Joe  Southwell Ray Walker1o CairnsTanks Arts Centre Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby Jazz Up North Series Paul Millard  Joe Southwell Ray Walker1g CairnsTanks Arts Centre Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby Jazz Up North Series1r CairnsTanks Arts Centre Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby Jazz Up North Series Tony Hillars The Australian


Looking Glass – Art Reflections

Juliana Areias Geoffrey Drake-Brockman Looking Glass Solo Exhibition Linton & Kay 2016Thursday 5 May – Geoffrey Drake-Brockman – Looking Glass Solo Exhibition Opening  at Linton & Kay Gallery – St George Terrace – 6pm.  Exhibition to be opened by Jude van der Merwe, with a performance of “Belas Artes”  by Juliana Areias accompanied by guitarist  Mark Shanahan.

Geoffrey Drake Brockman Looking Glass Solo Exhibition Pink Squares Linton & Kay GalleryAfter many years of making large-scale public artworks like Totem at the Perth Arena, Drake-Brockman’s first commercial gallery exhibition in over a decade showcases painting, static sculpture and interactive installation. The prominently placed reflective surface is a key motif of the artist—and serves to embed the viewer into the artwork, and to signal the possibility of a portal into another world. With his background in Computer Science, these other worlds are virtual, futuristic domains which evoke “Robot Mythologies”—stories about emotional bridges between real people and created beings.

Visit Geoffrey Drake-Brockman Website

Looking Glass Solo Exhibition

Geoffrey Drake-Brockman Looking Glass The West Australian Picture by Iain Gillespie

*Photo from The Western Australian Article – Through the Looking Glass . 

The song “Belas Artes”  ( Fine Arts) was co-composed by Doug De Vries & Juliana Areias as part of the Bossa Nova Baby Album. It talks about Geoffrey’s art works and how Juliana Areias perceives his life and inspirations as an artist. It is also about how Geoffrey’s art works are making Perth and the world more interesting and how his work and love reflect – like mirrows – on Juliana’s  personal and artist life -even before their first encounter.

Listen and see the lyrics and translation of “Belas Artes” 

Song 3 Belas Artes Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby

Entre as nuvens do céu
sobre as ondas do mar
paira o olhar do meu amor
até chegar, até pousar no meu
e me encantar, me desvendar, me namorar
Boa nova é viver
bela nova é amar , ah!
e me encontrar no fundo do seu olhar
que tem o dom de transformar o que vê
No espelho do céu
bailarina a girar
em espirais e origamis,
pétalas ou diamantes
que se abrem pelo ar, vão pelo ar…
Canto e conto você
e me deixo contar
linhas e luz, curvas e sombras
a mão esboça, o corpo brilha
e se extasia de alegria com você
Nossa história que tem
tanta história e vem
de antes de, em si, se encontrar
árvore e banco no mesmo lugar
divagar, respirar e sentir a paisagem
Barchetta, portal, luar
silhueta, capela ao mar
rubro amuleto
pulsar do peito
milagre feito de amor
Com ardor, sem pudor
bel sabor surreal
filmes, romance renascente em tal ritual
tudo em um, sobre a pele em contrastes
Magritte salta no mar
de Afrodite, petite mort
Joana D’arc
beija Da Vinci
tableaux vivants d’amour
Between the clouds of the sky
on the waves of the sea
hovers the gaze of my love
until coming to, until landing on me
and charming me, unravelling me, courting me
Good news is to live
beautiful news is to love, Ah!
and encounter myself at the bottom of your eyes
that have the gift of transforming what they see
In the mirror of the sky
ballerina spinning
in spirals and origamis,
petals or diamonds
that open in the air, flying through the air…
I sing and recount to you
and let myself be counted
lines and light, curves and shade
the hand draws, the body shines
in ecstasy of joy with you
Our history which has
so much history and begins
before our first encounter
tree and bench in one place
meander, breathe and feel the landscape
Barchetta, portal, moonlight
silhouette, chapel of the sea
red amulet
pulsating breast
miracle made of love
Ardently, unabashedly
belle savour surreal
films, romance renascent in such ritual
all in one, on the skin in contrasts
Magritte jumps into the sea
of Aphrodite, petite mort
Joan of Arc
kisses Da Vinci
tableaux vivants of love


Honored to present METAX – Official Corporate Sponsor of the Bossa Nova Baby Recording Project

THANK YOU 9 79%  Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby CD Crowd Funding 5 March 2014Welcome on board METAX ( www.metax.com.br )! Thank you for supporting culture and the arts worldwide. Thanks to all 88 supporters so far! Any little bit helps, please be the next: http://www.pozible.com/julianaareias 


The World’s Music & Art Rendezvous

The heart of New Your’s Culture is now in Perth. 

Juliana Areias’ music  meets Frida Carlo, Van Gogh , Dali and Beyond at AGWA – The Art Gallery of Western Australia 

Friday 19 July 2013 –  Guided Tour 6pm /  Show 7-8pm  $19 – BOOK NOW

Original Article 

Art Gallery Juliana Areias Article image

Art Gallery page 1

This visually stunning exhibition presents 134 masterworks by 96 of the world’s greatest artists. Re-imagining the world around them, these artists invented new strategies that shaped modern art. This exhibition presents three of the most fundamental artistic genres which link and transcend the ‘isms’ of twentieth century art, from Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism and beyond to the art of today.

This outstanding collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, prints, and media works from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York spans over 120 years and presents the timeless subjects of landscape, still life, and portraiture with renewed urgency and vitality.

Works by eminent artists such as van Gogh, Picasso, Cézanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Klimt, Dalí, Kahlo, Wesselmann, Koons, and Richter allow you to experience some of the most innovative interpretations of traditional genres, and discover a renewed sense of wonder at what the world can be. Many of the most important artists of the 20th century will be represented, with works that reinvented Landscape, Still Life and Portraiture in their time.

Juliana Areias full  interview for WAM / AGWA:

1) How will performing as part of the Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond exhibition shape your performance?

Art Semana art moderna Sao Paulo Juliana Areias websiteI feel that performing at a modernist exhibition such as this one has a lot to do with my work in the sense that the Brazilian music as we have today already is, to a certain extent, a result of what happened in Brazil during the Modern Art Week in 1922.

There and then, this artistic and cultural movement brought about patriotism and Brazilians started to transform all arts coming from overseas – in what was known as the “Anthropophagite Manifesto”– making that art their own.

The music that I do today is a contemporary dialogue with that artistic movement. My music has been influenced by various musicians and composers from Brazil and overseas where I have lived since the age of 21. I try to stay true to my cultural roots while communicating with the audience of the world through my music, so I blend in the tunes my own creative approach offering to the listeners something that goes beyond any clichés which is very important to me. Like for the artists in this exhibition, I aim with my performances to break boundaries, language barriers and preconceived ideas, mixing the old and the new, the simplicity and the sophistication that can help us all think outside the box.

2) Do you have a favourite artist from the Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond exhibition?

Art Frida Kahlo Sun and Life painting Juliana Areias websiteWhenever I talk about visual arts it is always hard to tell. I always absorb something from all artists and this comes from the natural curiosity of a former fine arts student from Escola de Belas Artes da Universidade Federal da Bahia where I confirmed that apart from the classes about “History of Arts and Aesthetics”, I was more interested in singing at the university choir. That said, I feel particularly connected with the work and Art Frida Kahlo self portrai in a velvet dress juliana Areias websitebiography of Frida Kahlo. I love her colours, the authenticity and honesty of her work. She was a woman who was not scared to say what she thought and felt both in her professional and personal lives. Once again, she was nowhere near any clichés, in my opinion. I like the way Frida explores the feminine universe, feelings and I will certainly dedicate a song to her – as “music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”

What can the AGWA audience expect from your performance?

I will be there with all my heart to blend classic and contemporary bossa and samba. I love the spontaneity and flair with which Mark Shanahan, Adam Springuetti and Chris Tarr improvise and I cannot wait to enjoy the company of their sassy music notes. My music embraces a wide spectrum of the Brazilian rhythms that at times also resonates with jazz and other international music styles. 

4) What has the last 12 months been like for your band?

A very inspiring and busy year of work, creation and collaboration with some of best jazz musicians in Australia, such as the virtuoso Melbourne guitarist Doug de Vries, Perth’s dearest pianist Tal Cohen, musicians from the Cirque du Soleil, performing at concerts all around WA, Australia and overseas as well, during summer having more then 20 performances per month.

5) Can you tell us a bit about your style of music?

As the Brazilian journalist and writer Ruy Castro would agree when he nicknamed me as “the bossa nova baby”, I cannot deny that bossa nova is my essence as a singer. I must confess that even if through the “bossa nova” lenses, I do love exploring other Brazilian styles – such as samba, forro (baiao, xote, chachado), maracatu – and creating a relation between them and other international music styles such as jazz, funk and rock.

6) What is the best gallery or exhibition you have ever visited?

Art Espace Dali Paris Juliana Areias websiteThis is a hard question. I have been to quite a few galleries and exhibitions in South America, Europe and a few here in Australia. I would even go further and say that I really like street art or “the gallery outside the gallery”. When I used to live in Geneva in Switzerland in the late 90’s, I used to go to Paris quite regularly, it was then that I visited the “Espace Dali” not only did I enjoy the art collection but also – and mainly – loved being in Montmartre.

AArt Masp Juliana Areias website museum that has always been very dear to me and that I used to visit quite regularly was MASP (Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo). MASP is internationally recognised for its collection of European art, considered the finest in Latin America and all Southern Hemisphere. This is a place that makes me really proud of the city where I was born, Sao Paulo, MASP is right in the heart of the city, on Paulista Avenue (Avenida Paulista). It is a pulsing vein of the Brazilian metropolis and not only it exhibits art but also political engagement, acting involuntarily as a stage for public demonstrations, debates and sometimes even concerts.

Art Carybe Juliana Areias websiteIn Brazil, one of my favorite artist is Carybe from Bahia (actually, he was born in Buenos Aires but he is also Brazilian). He was one of the pioneers at the Modern Art in Bahia. I fell in love with his work because I lived in Bahia for four years. His work can be found at various public places in Salvador.

Geoffrey Drake-Brockman art work photo collage by Juliana AreiasHere in Perth, I have been particularly fascinated  by the Coppelia Project of Australian artist  Geoffrey Drake-Brockman whose work, in broad terms, links science and art. This is something that interests me in a world where our perception is constantly being influenced by the inevitable technological platforms. As a performer and ‘samba de gafieira dance’ lover, I can’t wait to see how robot ballerinas will sync their steps with human ones on stage. Worth watching the Artist’s  TEDx Talk  for background and context of his work. 

7) What do you do when you’re not playing music?

Art Samba de Gafieira Original by PicassomioThe mind is always working and creating. Even when I’m not performing, rehearsing, composing; I am always involved with other aspects of music production. I pretty much manage my career on my own, so I also have to keep up with website updates, promotion, sponsors, video productions. I also dedicate time to other passions such as learning and practicing Samba de gafieira Dance – the Brazilian answer to Tango; it is a very elegant and lively form of dance for couples. I also spend time supporting culture related business, associations and similar cross-cultural initiatives. And of course, I love to enjoy time and get inspired by my kids, family, friends, people, the sea, the nature and all forms of art in general.

8) Which other musicians inspire you?

My favorite singers are Rosa Passos, Leny Andrade, Leila Pinheiro, Rita Lee Esperanza Spalding and local jazz singer James Flynn. And my favourite composers are Tom Jobim, Djavan, Lenine, Steve Wonder and John Mayer.

9) What does the next year have in store for you?

I will definitely continue with the concerts and I will start working more intensely on my new original album and tour.

10) What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

It is funny how so many small moments can be life changing in an artist’s career. I can guarantee there have been many of those, which were extremely valuable and would be enough subjects for a few long chats.

But a few key concerts so far have certainly won a special place in my career as they symbolise that the broader audience has connected with my work: Montreux Jazz Festival 1998, American’s Cup 2002, Auckland Festival 2005, Darling Harbour 2011/2012 performances for over 30.000 people, and more recently, the inaugural Perth International Jazz Festival 2013.