Looking Glass – Art Reflections

Juliana Areias Geoffrey Drake-Brockman Looking Glass Solo Exhibition Linton & Kay 2016Thursday 5 May – Geoffrey Drake-Brockman – Looking Glass Solo Exhibition Opening  at Linton & Kay Gallery – St George Terrace – 6pm.  Exhibition to be opened by Jude van der Merwe, with a performance of “Belas Artes”  by Juliana Areias accompanied by guitarist  Mark Shanahan.

Geoffrey Drake Brockman Looking Glass Solo Exhibition Pink Squares Linton & Kay GalleryAfter many years of making large-scale public artworks like Totem at the Perth Arena, Drake-Brockman’s first commercial gallery exhibition in over a decade showcases painting, static sculpture and interactive installation. The prominently placed reflective surface is a key motif of the artist—and serves to embed the viewer into the artwork, and to signal the possibility of a portal into another world. With his background in Computer Science, these other worlds are virtual, futuristic domains which evoke “Robot Mythologies”—stories about emotional bridges between real people and created beings.

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Looking Glass Solo Exhibition

Geoffrey Drake-Brockman Looking Glass The West Australian Picture by Iain Gillespie

*Photo from The Western Australian Article – Through the Looking Glass . 

The song “Belas Artes”  ( Fine Arts) was co-composed by Doug De Vries & Juliana Areias as part of the Bossa Nova Baby Album. It talks about Geoffrey’s art works and how Juliana Areias perceives his life and inspirations as an artist. It is also about how Geoffrey’s art works are making Perth and the world more interesting and how his work and love reflect – like mirrows – on Juliana’s  personal and artist life -even before their first encounter.

Listen and see the lyrics and translation of “Belas Artes” 

Song 3 Belas Artes Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby

Entre as nuvens do céu
sobre as ondas do mar
paira o olhar do meu amor
até chegar, até pousar no meu
e me encantar, me desvendar, me namorar
Boa nova é viver
bela nova é amar , ah!
e me encontrar no fundo do seu olhar
que tem o dom de transformar o que vê
No espelho do céu
bailarina a girar
em espirais e origamis,
pétalas ou diamantes
que se abrem pelo ar, vão pelo ar…
Canto e conto você
e me deixo contar
linhas e luz, curvas e sombras
a mão esboça, o corpo brilha
e se extasia de alegria com você
Nossa história que tem
tanta história e vem
de antes de, em si, se encontrar
árvore e banco no mesmo lugar
divagar, respirar e sentir a paisagem
Barchetta, portal, luar
silhueta, capela ao mar
rubro amuleto
pulsar do peito
milagre feito de amor
Com ardor, sem pudor
bel sabor surreal
filmes, romance renascente em tal ritual
tudo em um, sobre a pele em contrastes
Magritte salta no mar
de Afrodite, petite mort
Joana D’arc
beija Da Vinci
tableaux vivants d’amour
Between the clouds of the sky
on the waves of the sea
hovers the gaze of my love
until coming to, until landing on me
and charming me, unravelling me, courting me
Good news is to live
beautiful news is to love, Ah!
and encounter myself at the bottom of your eyes
that have the gift of transforming what they see
In the mirror of the sky
ballerina spinning
in spirals and origamis,
petals or diamonds
that open in the air, flying through the air…
I sing and recount to you
and let myself be counted
lines and light, curves and shade
the hand draws, the body shines
in ecstasy of joy with you
Our history which has
so much history and begins
before our first encounter
tree and bench in one place
meander, breathe and feel the landscape
Barchetta, portal, moonlight
silhouette, chapel of the sea
red amulet
pulsating breast
miracle made of love
Ardently, unabashedly
belle savour surreal
films, romance renascent in such ritual
all in one, on the skin in contrasts
Magritte jumps into the sea
of Aphrodite, petite mort
Joan of Arc
kisses Da Vinci
tableaux vivants of love