Juliana Areias opens The Surrealist Ball – Dali Land – Fringe World Festival

Friday 18 Jan – Fringe Festival – Dali Land – Surreal Ball – Opening Night featuring Abbe May, Juliana Areias Duo with Joshua de Silva and many more. Book Now

Walk the red carpet into the mind of Salvador Dali in an exclusive, cocktail-style event and be one of the first people in the world to experience DALI LAND.

Including full access to all exhibition areas, guests will also see a range of premier performers and artists deliver an unforgettable evening of food, wine, art and decadence. Pull out all the stops and dress to impress as you walk the red carpet into this exclusive event.

Tickets include champagne on arrival, canapé food service and all entertainment from 7:30pm to 11:00 before retreating to The Salon rooftop bar to watch the sun rise over Fringe World 2019.

For 30 days, the currently vacant Metro City will be transformed into DALI LAND, a four-level temple to the surreal from 18 January to 17 February 2019. Designed by Perth curator Robert Buratti, DALI LAND is an immersive exhibition that gives the people of Perth the unique opportunity to enter the mind of surrealist master Salvador Dali.

With 2019 marking the 30th anniversary of Salvador Dali’s passing, the exhibition will feature more than 200 of Dali’s works, including drawings, sculptures, film, graphics, virtual reality and photography.

A secondary DALI LAND exhibition entitled Unconscious Contemporary will showcase works of early surrealist masters Max Ernst, Andre Masson, Jean Cocteau, Andre Breton and Man Ray alongside contemporary artists including Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Stormie Mills, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Alex Maciver, Ben Juniper, Steve Browne, Robert Buratti and Katie Moore.
Unconscious Contemporary will also feature works by filmmaker Alex Proyas (director of The Crow, Dark City, Gods of Egypt, I-Robot) and award winning photographer, Thor Engelstad.

Included in the exhibition ticket, visitors to DALI LAND can also experience the Dada Cinema, where the best and most influential surrealist films of all time will be shown. View screenings of films by Maya Deren, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Hans Richter, Ferdinand Leger to name a few. Or step into the award winning virtual reality experience that is “Dreams Of Dali”, and take a trip through Dali’s most mesmerising visions.

In addition to the exhibitions, DALI LAND will play host to a spectacular nightly program of live events and performances during the Fringe World Festival, including:

Step into a surreal realm for a cocktail-style event like no other. Guests at The Surrealist Ball will be the first people in the world to experience DALI LAND. Entry includes full access to all exhibition areas and guests will experience a surreal night of entertainment, food, drink, fun, art and debauchery.


Legendary British singer Lily Allen descends into Perth in a DALI LAND takeover for one night only on 12 February courtesy of Frontier Touring. Fresh from the June release of her brilliant fourth record No Shame, the pop star will perform huge sets in an electric show for fans at DALI LAND. This will be her first Perth show in four years.

Take an immersive trip into the heart of DALI LAND with the award-winning Briefs Factory. As you wander through this carte du jour of live carnal mischief, experience visceral masterpieces and ferocious mayhem as the surreal becomes reality. Don’t miss the world premiere of this immersive, site-specific, theatrical extravaganza set amongst the original works of Salvador Dali. Audiences move freely through the Dali Land exhibition at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see, and everyone’s journey is different and unique.

The cult late night variety show and debaucherous disco after party, comes to the Surrealist Salon right in the heart of DALI LAND. Your favourite Briefs boys, with their fierce sisters from Hot Brown Honey, and a cavalcade of world-class, hand selected cabaret and circus artists will deliver an overdose of satisfaction and dance floor smashes. Stomp it out on the catwalk, dance until late, laugh until you ache and surrender to the utter fabulousness that is Club Briefs.

For those who wish to continue the party late into the next morning, The Salon Bar will unleash its nightly soiree from 10:00pm to 5:00am. Taking over the Metro City roof top, the Salon Bar will not only boast some of Perth’s best views, but will accommodate your nightly desires with surreal cocktails, along with an epic program of live music, magic, burlesque and comedy.

DALA LAND will partner with surrounding restaurants to present Dali Dinners to the people of Perth. These rare culinary experiences will mimic the likes of the extravagant dinner parties Dali hosted himself in the 1970s. Featuring weird and wonderful recipes created by the Maestro himself, Dali Dinners will offer an evening of surreal degustation.
All ages

Salvador Dali explains, “Surrealism [to be] destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting ones vision.” Thus, Dali Land is evidence that with surrealism at its core, there are no limits, providing Perth with a never-seen-before sensory artistic experience.

Dali Land is produced by Creative Nation and Buratti Gallery and showing during Fringe World Festival 2019.

Our Multiverse Tableau Vivant

“Magritte jumps into the sea
of Aphrodite, petite mort
Joan of Arc
kisses Da Vinci
tableaux vivant d’amour”

This is a translation from Portuguese of the last verse of the song “Belas Artes” ( Fine Arts) composed by Doug de Vries and Juliana Areias.  The song is dedicated to Juliana’s love,   Australian Cybernets Artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman. It talks about how Juliana sees Geoffrey’s artwork creations and inspirations. It is also about their love story and things they love doing together such as creating tableau vivants.

Tableau Vivant  – Joan of Arc – Created by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman & Juliana Areias –  Perth, Western Australia, October 2018.

Tableau vivant for Halloween… Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) was burned at the stake in 1431 for the heresy of talking directly with God and dressing and fighting as a man. Jeanne was one of thousands of people (mainly women) burned as witches in medieval times.


Tableau Vivant – Frankenstein, created  by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman and Juliana Areias – Perth, Western Australia, October 2017.


Tableau Vivant – Magritte Leap after Golconda by Rene Magritte, created by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman – Perth, Western Australia, March 2013.

The Lovers – Magritte Kiss by Rene Magritte. Juliana Areias and Geoffrey Drake-Brockman at MoMa,  Museum of Modern Art, New York , USA, March 2018.

Frida Kahlo & Rene Magritte surreal presence in a burlesque night…

“Frida Kahlo e Rene Magritte “baixaram” surreal-sorrateiramente na noite burlesca…”

Full Lyrics in Portuguese with English translation of the song “Belas Artes” (Fine Arts) by Doug de Vries and Juliana Areias, dedicated to Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.


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