Let’s face it. Perth is great! It is time to celebrate it!

In between her USA and Japan tours, Juliana Areias is glad to be back home in Perth, Western Australia, celebrating the amazing original music and unique creative community of Perth.

“The greatest cultural lesson I have learned in America, was how much Americans embrace and celebrate their own culture and the arts, making ordinary life extraordinary. Let’s face it,  Perth has some of the best beaches of this planet, mesmerasing sky, trees, birds, friendly people, clean-safe-traffic free streets, a blessed life style and an amazing creative community exporting world class music, fine-art, films…  No more understatements, please. It is time we celebrate how lucky we are to be able to live and produce culture and arts here.  Perth is not just okay. Perth is great! Perth is wonderful! I love Perth! I am in love with Perth… I have always been… but now, even more than ever!I am so proud of calling Perth home and being part of this diverse and dynamic artistic scene. Let’s face the music and dance.”

In this spirit, after her “welcome back home” performances at the City of Perth’s Winter Festival (25/7) – Winter Sounds, celebrating the original music of Western Australia, produced by WAM ( Western Australia Music) and at the Ellington Jazz Club (28/7); Juliana Areias annouces her participation and support for the “Brazil V Australia Capoeira Fundraiser Gig”  at the Rosemount Hotel on Sunday 26th August 2018 featuring an ecletic line-up  from pop ballades, bossa, samba, capoeira to funk performers:

Renata Fantoches (4pm); Helen Townsend (4.45pm); Constanza Herrero (5.30pm); Belle Harvey & Band (6.15-6.45pm), Capoeira show (7-7.15pm);  Juliana Areias (7.30-8pm – with Joshua de Silva – guitar and Rafael Souza – pandeiro); Randa And The Soul Kingdom (8.15pm-9pm), Brazilian DJ (9-10pm).

“Perth’s great music scene gets together to support a genuine school dedicated to teach kids and adults the art of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art which is more than a self defence fight, it is the expression of dance, music, culture and resistance created by our African slave ancestors which now is admired all around the world. My kids – now teenagers – were among the first children to learn Capoeira at this school and it is such a pleasure to see every year more people discovering and falling in love with it. Come this Sunday to experienceo a watercolour of sounds and how beautiful, fun and powerful Capoeira is. Facebook event : Brazil V Australia Capoeira Fundraiser Gig” – invites Juliana.

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Bossa Nova Baby USA Tour 2018

Let’s “sway in the USA” with Juliana Areias for The Bossa Nova Baby’s first American tour.
Celebrating 60 years of Bossa Nova and the success of her multi-award finalist Bossa Nova Baby album, Australia-based Brazilian singer and songwriter Juliana Areias will now bring all her bossa flair to Florida, California, New Jersey and New York.
Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby concert features exuberant arrangements of Bossa Nova classics & originals – revealing how Bossa Nova keeps evolving and enchanting the world.
Juliana Areias has performed on major stages internationally including the Sydney Opera House, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Auckland Festival and the legendary Beco das Garrafas in Rio de Janeiro.
Now it is your turn to experience live the sounds of the Bossa Nova Baby in concert.
* FLORIDA – Sat 12/5 – Special guest appearance at Press Award – Bossa Nova 60 Years International Celebration 7- 11pm – at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts – Fort Lauderdale.
* CALIFORNIA – Sat 9/6 – Westgate Hotel – 8-11pm – San Diego.
* NEW JERSEY – Fri 15/6 – Brickford Theatre – Morris Museum – 8pm – Morristown, Metropolitan New York.
* NEW YORK – Sat 16/6 – Club Bonafide – 8pm – 212 East 52th – Manhattan, New York City.
* NEW YORK – Sat 29/6 The Green Room 42 – 9.30pm. 570 W 10th Avenue, Manhattan, New York City.
– “We celebrate the changing face of Australian music with Brazilian-born, Perth based singer Juliana’s excellent, Bossa Nova-centred album.” – ABC Radio National – Lucky Oceans – Grammy Award Winner.
– “Rhythmically perfect and passionate vocal delivery” – Jazz and Beyond , The Australian, John McBeath.
– “The toast of the Perth Jazz Scene. The release of Bossa Nova Baby has elevated her above a mere covers singer or bossa specialist. The singer excels in an elegant co-composed duet (Belas Artes) with Australia’s finest Brazilian-oriented 7-string guitarist, Doug de Vries”.– The Australian – Tony Hillier
– “It’s bossa that plays soccer with Jazz – as it has since the 60’s – and scoring a goal. Bossa Nova Baby” is a welcome surprise of great Brazilian music, made far away.” – O GLOBO– Brazil– Antonio Carlos Miguel – Music critic and judge member of the “Latin Grammy Award”.
– ” A wonderful Brazilian-Australian bossa nova baby with contemporary bossa nova songs.“– Key and Chords, Belgium/Europe – Patrick Van de Wiele .
Photos Taken by:
  – Jack Grasso at the Morris Museum Bickford Theatre .
–  Bill Coelho – Acontece Magazine Florida – Bossa Nova 60 Years Focus Brasil Press Award