Why Brazilians celebrate “Valentine’s Day” on 12th of June – Dia dos Namorados

Do you know why Brazilians don’t celebrate “being in love” on “Valentine’s Day”?

While around the world love birds celebrate “Valentine’s Day” on 14th February, Brazilians celebrate it on St Antony’s Eve Day (12th June) as part of the traditional “ Festa Junina” – The Brazilian June Winter Folk Festival – where couples dance around bonfires.

In Brazil around St Valentine’s Day, (14th February) it’s summer and Carnaval time – not necessarily a time associated with fidelity and romantic love.

Curiously both saints are somehow connected with the idea of marriage.

St Valentine was beheaded in Rome for secretly marrying Roman Empire soldiers against the orders of the Emperor Claudius II the cruel, on 14th February 269 AC. Legend also has it that while in jail, St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer’s daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it “From Your Valentine.”

St Antony was born in Portugal and died naturally in Padua in 13th June 1231 almost a millennium after St Valentine. He was considered a protector of lovers because he helped to finance marriages of pour families. In a time that fathers of girls were expected to pay to get their daughters married, St Antony helped them to find the funds for it.

If you love music, culture and stories, you are invited on a musical passage on the train of colours, precious gems, and songs from the Interior of Brazil. A blazing show to warm your winter and light a bonfire of the heart.

Juliana Areias – Beautiful Horizons – Festa do Interior Concert – ( Dia dos Namorados) – Sat 12 June 2021 – 7pm at The Ellington Jazz Club – Perth – Western Australia.

Tickets and information at: http://www.julianaareias.com

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Lighting up the bonfire of the heart

Sunday 1st July – 6pm @ The Ellington Jazz Club –  SOLD OUT

Following the success of over a year of consecutive sold out concerts, Brazilian singer Juliana Areias is back to the Ellington presenting a new ablaze “hot” show.

From exciting arrangements of bossa nova and samba classics such as The Girl from Ipanema and Mas que nada, Juliana invites the audience to dive into a deeper musical trip to the “five corners” of Brazil, presenting a wider spectrum of its traditional and contemporary rhythmic diversity:

– ‪The “Carimbo” sounds of the ‬Amazon Forest (North);

– ‪The contrasting sounds that comes from the sertao (Brazilian “desert”) and from the sea coast – baiao (“forro”), coco, repente, ciranda, samba de roda, maracatu, afoxe – particularly from Bahia and Pernambuco (North East);‬

– ‪The Baroque/ Spanish/Arabic/Gypsy influences in Minas Gerais music and Urban Babel vibration of ‬Rio and Sao Paulo (Southeast).

– ‪The Guarani indigenous influence of the “Guarania” in ‬Pantanal Forest (West Central) and;

– ‪The European Folkloric influences (South);‬

The concert is primordially inspired by the colourful Brazilian Annual Winter Festivities where everybody get together to have fun and dance around bonfires.

Lighting up the night, Juliana shares the stage with an exclusive line up of musicians: 3 authentic Brazilian Multi instrumentalists Marcio Mendes ( percussion / musical direction) , the young talent Leandro Cezarino ( guitar/ Cavaquinho) and directly from Brazil for his first performance in Australia, Rafael Abdalla ( bass /  double bass); plus Perth’s own beautiful and young talent Nikki Dagostino (accordion).

Brazilian chanteuse Juliana Areias has lived for many years in Europe (Switzerland) and New Zealand prior to moving to Australia. Always working in the music circuit, her career includes a performance at the revered Montreau Jazz Festival. Her authentic Brazilian voice, sense of groove, engaging charisma and a very personal and passionate stage presence are the trademarks of her work.

More information at the Ellington Jazz Club Website

Concert proudly sponsored by:

–  Oi Exchange– the best way to send money to Brazil. Perth representant: 0405279160

– Totem  – Brazilian International Fashion Label

– Daniela Collection – hand crafted Brazilian jewellery www.danielacollection.com.au

– Make up by Sand Dance

– Hair designing – Total Brazil Beauty

Sound engineer: Daine Spowart

Film recording: Claudia Rondon