Sampa – identity, love, hate, misunderstanding and transformation

Two Brazilian artists and world citizens born in São Paulo City travelled from New York City and Perth, Western Australia to perform together this song about their birth city, São Paulo, nicknamed “Sampa”, the largest city in the South Hemisphere and the economic centre of Latin America – the “city that never sleeps”and always attracts ambitious and dreaming new immigrants. São Paulo is also the epicentre of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Brazil in 2020.

Sampa, the song composed by Caetano Veloso talks about identity, love, hate, misunderstanding and transformation.

Today, 12 June 2020 it is Loving Day in Brazil, in the same week of the birthdays of Joao Gilberto (the creator of Bossa Nova) and Guinga (Contemporary Choro and baião fusion Composer) – both born on 10/12.

Having all these symbols in mind and trying to make sense of Brazil and the World in this moment of so many deaths and so much confusion and despair, it feels to me that Sampa translates well all these feelings of love, hate, misunderstanding and searching for transformation and a new identity.

May we be able to transform and evolve.

“When we were face to face I didn’t recognised myself.

I called what I saw distasteful, distasteful, distasteful.

For Narcissus thinks that what is not a mirrow is ugly.

And what is not yet old scares the mind

Nothing like it was before, we find hard to transform.

In this difficult start

I push away what I don’t understand

And who comes from a different dream of a happy city – learns very quickly to called it reality.

For you are the inversion of the inversion of the inversion of the inversion.”

Caetano Veloso

Special thanks to :

Alina Ramirez Melendez

Nicole Duffell – Maduro SG Jazz Club

Mario Alberto López Lara

Josse Manuel Chemaney – Juliana Areias – YouTube Channel – All That Samba Tour Playlist

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