A night to remember forever! Standing ovation for the sensational KOORT BOODJA (Heartland) Concert at The Perth Concert Hall last Saturday 19 Feb 2022 – featuring over 170 members of the amazing West Coast Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorus and special guest soloists singing in 14 languages: Noongar, English, Swahili, Japonese, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, Latin, Irish, Polish, Hebrew, Farsi, Sanskrit and Maori. All of us, guided by the beautifully colourful vision and extraordinary talent of maestro Sam Parry and his WACO team who’s mission statement is to change lives through music! Bravissimo!!! Mission tremendously accomplished with art, heart, soul, beauty, symbolism, joy, respect, diversity, creativity, talent, devotion, long planning , attention, great spirit, humour and propose!!!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of being part of it! It was an incredible honour and privilege to perform and to share the stage with all of you!

“Whatever Comes, Let it Come” says the title of the song I performed “ Se e pra vir que venha” ( a song in Portuguese composed by Christopher Tin & Patricia Magalhães) about courage, honesty, humanity and joie de vivre – even when facing life’s greatest risks. What could be more relevant, inspiring and insightful?

Whatever comes, this moment will stay with me forever… Thank you WACO, West Coast Philharmonic Orchestra and all involved, for transforming the lives of all present there on Saturday – a full house concert celebrating fantastic composers and WA amazing talent and diversity! Ancore! Ancore! Ancore!

Let’s keep creating, collaborating, supporting each other, celebrating and contributing to this phenomenal place we love to call home!

Gratitude! Muito Obrigada (Thank you so much in Portuguese)!

Ju 🙂😘❤️🎶👏👏🙌🙌💞💞🌈

Juliana Areias

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Se é pra vir, que venha

( Christopher Tin / Patricia Magalhaes)

(Original Lyrics in Portuguese)

Vou soltar meu gado
Vou deitar no pasto
Vou roubar a cena
Vou sorrir sem pena
Sem puxar as rédeas
Sem seguir as regras
Sem pesar ou ânsia
Sem errar a dança
Se é pra vir, que venha

Tudo é colorido
Mesmo o preto e branco
Quando eu pinto é lindo
E o que traço é franco
Seja reta ou curva
Seja esfera ou linha
Vida é sempre certa
E eu não temo a minha
Se é pra vir, que venha

Seja preto ou branco
Eu não temo a vida
Nem seu contraponto
Se é pra vir, que venha

Whatever comes, let it come

(Lyrics translation)

I will unleash the horses
I will rest in the grass
I will steal the show
I will smile broadly
No reins to pull
No rules to follow
No pain or sorrow
With no error in my dance
Whatever comes, let it come

All is colorful
Even black and white
When I paint, it’s beautiful
And what I draw is honest
Be it straight or curved
Be it a sphere or a line
Life is always right
And I do not fear mine
Whatever comes, let it come

Whether black or white
I do not fear life
Nor its counterpoint
Whatever comes, let it come