Hamony Week Celebration at Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre




As part of the official Harmony Week Program, Perth-based Brazilian Jazz singer Juliana Areias, “The Bossa Nova Baby” with her six piece band will perform the “BrazilWA Harmony Concert” at the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre.  Scarborough, known by Brazilian locals as  “ScarBrazil” is the area with the greatest Brazilian Expatriate Population in Perth. The event will also feature free Brazilian dance classes (by “Let the Dance Speak – Perth Samba -Perth Forro”) and free Capoeira – Brazilian Martial Arts presentation (by “Perth Capoeira CDO – Cordao de Ouro”).  It is a free event created by Juliana Areias in partnership with BrazilWA – the Brazilian Association of WA Inc and WAZouk Scarborough Sandpit Dancing with the support of  DLGSC (Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries), City of Stirling and the Scarborough Beach Association.

After an electrifying summer of performances including “Wild Things” for The Perth Festival, “Summer Samba Sunday Series” at The Ellington Jazz Club and “Sunset Songs” at North Cottesloe (every Friday extended until 26 March)  –  Perth-based Brazilian Jazz Singer Juliana Areias teams up with BrazilWA and WAZouk Scarborough Sandpit Dancing to presents BrazilWA Harmony Concert celebrating the colourful Brazilian-Australian Intercultural fusion we have in Western Australia. 

Juliana Areias’s love story with Perth starts in 2007, when she moved here after living in New Zealand, Switzerland and Brazil (her birth country). Since arriving in Perth, she has been busy raising her two young kids Jobim and Lilas;  while also acting as one of the founders of  BrazilWA – Brazilian Association of WA Inc;  becoming passionate about learning the “Samba de Gafieira” Brazilian couple dance in Scarborough;  falling in love with Australian Cybernetics Artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman; producing her award-winning USA Jazz Top 100 Chartd original album  “Bossa Nova Baby” with the cream of the Perth Jazz Scene (including Perth Lumiere pianist Graham Wood), touring the planet performing at iconic stages (including the Sydney Opera House, Ronnie Scott’s in London, the Green Room in New York, Fukiagi Hall in Japan and  Beco das Garrafas in Rio de Janeiro); starting new collaborations with WAAPA-graduate young talents such as seven string Australian-Shirilanka guitarist Joshua de Silva, and having one of her original songs “Belas Artes”  (dedicated to her love Geoffrey Drake-Brockman and co-composed with Australian Virtuoso guitarist Doug de Vries)  selected to be part of the 2020 Perth Jazz Society Compilation “Open your ears Vol.1  – Perth Women in Jazz”.

Now Juliana Areias is overjoyed about her upcoming BrazilWA Harmony Concert at the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre on Saturday 20 March as part of Harmony Week Official Celebrations. At this event she will be combining all the influences and inspirations of Brazil with her life in Australia. Juliana Areias explains: “As an artist I am fascinated by sounds, symbols and origin stories. Musically-speaking, you cannot create harmony alone, with one note only. To create a rich harmony it takes many different notes played in tune. We are in-tune only when we can listen and respond  to each other with harmony. This BrazilWA Harmony Concert is about that. It is about having many talented people and admirable organisations working together to celebrate this unique fusion of Brazilian-Australian Culture and Arts that we have created in Western Australia. It is about celebrating each other’s beautiful work and contribution to this place we love to call home. I am a huge fan of the tireless volunteer work undertaken by BrazilWA’s current president Raquel Louro – representing all Brazilians present  in WA, and of the fantastic dance scene created by John Robbins – founder of WAZouk Scarborough Sandpit Dancing. Many years ago, John taught me an iconic Australian Song “My Island Home” (first recorded by Warumpi Band and later by Christine Anu). To celebrate our Australian-Brazilian Fusion we  will perform “My Island Home” in Brazilian “Baiao” rhythm at the BrazilWA Harmony Concert. We are so looking forward to it!”

The event will start at 4pm – with free Brazilian dance classes (samba de gafieira and forro style) with Ana Lucia Pereira and Sarah Quinn (Let the Dance Speak – Perth Samba – Perth Forro),  followed by the Brazilian Martial Art – ‘Capoeira’ presentation by Ourico Lee Coumbe (Perth Capoeira CDO Cordao de Ouro).

Juliana Areias’s Concert will start at 6pm and will feature Paul Millard (sax-flute), Joshua de Silva (seven-string acoustic and electric guitars), Filipe Rimis(drums) and percussionists Rafael Medeiros de Souza and Ourico Lee Coumbe.

To appeal to all senses, there will also be delicious Brazilian Food available – provided by the “Rio 40” and “Braza Churros” Food trucks.

Juliana Areias –  Short Biography and Feature reviews

Juliana Areias is an award-winning Brazilian singer-songwriter. Her debut original album “Bossa Nova Baby” won “Best Brazilian Album” at the US Focus Brazil Awards in 2019 and spent five weeks in the US Jazz Top 100. Juliana has been nominated five times for Western Australian Music Awards including Best World Music Act and Best Song. Dubbed the “Bossa Nova Baby” by iconic Brazilian journalist Ruy Castro, Juliana has performed across Europe, USA, Japan, Latin America and Australia – including shows at the Sydney Opera House, Montreux Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott’s in London, the Green Room in New York, Fukiagi Hall in Japan, Auckland Festival, and Beco das Garrafas in Rio de Janeiro. Now it is your turn to feel spellbound by the Bossa Nova Baby, Juliana Areias.

–“The idea of mixing styles and cultures is reflected in Areias’ life and her music.”, Daily Record – USA

–“Rhythmically perfect and passionate vocal delivery. The toast of the Perth Jazz Scene. The release of Bossa Nova Baby has elevated her above a mere covers singer or bossa specialist. The singer excels in an elegant co-composed duet (Belas Artes) with Australia’s finest Brazilian-oriented 7-string guitarist, Doug de Vries” – The Australian

–“We celebrate the changing face of Australian music with Brazilian-born, Perth based singer Juliana’s excellent, Bossa Nova-centred album.” – ABC Radio National

–“It’s bossa that plays soccer with Jazz – as it has since the 60’s – and scoring a goal.” – O GLOBO – Brazil

–”A wonderful Brazilian-Australian bossa nova baby with contemporary bossa nova songs.“– Key and Chords – Belgium

For more information visit: www.JulianaAreias.com Juliana Areias
Brazilian singer-songwriter
Ph: 0405279160