“Open Your Ears – Perth Women in Jazz – Vol. 1” -Album Launch Thursday 3 Dec 2020.

Juliana Areias is one of the artists invited to participated on “Open Your Ears – Perth Women in Jazz Vol.1” Compilation album uniting 24 composers that will be launched tonight 3 Dec 2020 at The Ellington Jazz Club.

“I am absolutely honoured and delighted to be beside these super talented ladies in this compilation “Open Your Ears – Perth Women in Jazz – Vol. 1” . Thank you Kate Pass, president of the Perth Jazz Society for the invitation! For this project I have chosen to include “Belas Artes”, co-composed with Doug de Vries, for it talks about Perth skies and ocean as sources of inspiration for the amazing art works of my favorite Australian artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman , Meu Amor. I am looking forward to enjoying Artemis Orchestra performing live some of the original compositions of this compilation at the album launch at the Ellington Jazz Club on Thursday 3 Dec 2020. See you there tonight!”

Last tickets available at The Ellington Jazz Club website – Book Now

Artists featuring in the compilation “Open Your Ears – Perth Women in Jazz – Vol. 1” in alphabetical order (Go girls!):

1 Alana Macpherson

2 Alice Humphries

3 Allira Wilson

4 Cathie Travers

5 Catherine Noblet

6 Djuna Lee

7 Gemma Farrell

8 Georgie Awe

9 Hanna Kim

10 Helen Matthews

11 Holli Scott

12 Imogen Thomson

13 Jessica Carlton

14 Juliana Areias

15 Kate Pass

16 Laura Corney

17 Libby Hammer

18 Linda May Han Oh

19 Penny King

20 Darah Ramsey

21 Sorcha Albuquerque

22 Sue Bluck

23 Vanessa Perica

24 Victoria Newton

For information on how to get this compilation after the Album Launch, visit Perth Jazz Society website: www.perthjazz.com