The Oasis in the middle of the week.

The end of the year brings the end of some projects and the prospective of new ones in the way.

Juliana  Areias made her last performance at the Ocean One Bar on 24 November 2010. She had performed at the venue every Wednesday night for over 10 months, attracting a devoted public of music lovers who were avid for a pleasant alternative of entertainment in the Perth Night Scene.

These regular performances were defined as “The oasis in the middle of the week” by Juliana Areias’ fans who were always there to get  inspired and vitalised by her music.

For Juliana Areias it also represented a live opportunity to create a musical lab, where she could share and experiment new songs, new ideas, new rhythms, new fusions and sonorities every week.

She says: “Thanks to the public who came to appreciate our music. Thanks to all friends and musicians for their enthusiasm and talent. Thanks to Ocean One team and sponsors for supporting the project. We all had a great and special time.”

Juliana Areias Band has recently performed at the Fremantle Festival 2010 and is already booked to perform at the Sunset @ Subi Series on 2011.

See above a snap video of the band performing the original song “Mare Cheia” ( by Johannes Dimyadi / Juliana Areias) at the Fremantle Festival on 14 November 2010 and stay tuned at this website to know what will be their next steps.

The band is composed by vocalist Juliana Areias, guitarist Glenn Rogers, doublebassist Adam Springuetti and percussionist Marcio Mendes.