The Brazilian Zest Jazz Club great start

The Brazilian Zest Jazz Club had its official premier last Friday at Rigby’s Bistro with  Juliana Areias, Greg Howieson, Marcio Men­des, and Heni playing great Brazilian and French Jazz hits.

Thanks to you who came to enjoy the music, the food and the drinks (Nova Schin and Guarana Schin).

A big, big thanks to all our sponsors: Morrison, Carmen Steffans, Daniela Collection, Nova Schin, Schin Guarana do Brasil, Karla Martins e Ingrid Tomasini. 

The Jazz Club runs every Friday night bringing  always different guest musicians and repertory. Next Friday, Juliana Areias accompanied by Glenn Rogers, one of the most talented guitarists of Perth, for a night of silky bossa nova, jazz fusions and improvisation.

You can see the Brazilian Zest Jazz Club Premier photos here