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- Positive Review by Antonio Carlos Miguel from O Globo – Brazil  on 7 February 2015 – Antonio Carlos Miguel, journalist and judge member of the “Latin Grammy” and of the ” Brazilian Music Award” .

review Antonio carlos miguel O GLOBO Bossa Nova Baby CD Juliana Areias Flecha


–   Article at Western Suburbs – News Corp Australia  by Tanya MacNaughton and photo by Marcus Whisson on Tuesday 3 February 2015.  Online link: 

WEstern Subursbs Feb3 2015 Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby CD Launch


JORNAL O DIA Newspaper Article – Rio, Brazil – 8/3/2014 ( See Google’s translation of the article )
O DIA 8 march 2014 RIO Juliana Areias Bossa Nova Baby pb
Brazilian Magazine – REVISTA EPOCA – EDITORA GLOBO by Bruno Astuto with Acyr Mera Junior, Dani Barbi. – Google’s translation of the article /Online article 
 EPOCA REVISTA 10 MArch 2014 Juliana Areias Bruno Astuto IMAGE


Bossa Nova Baby is her nickname. And now also the title of her first original album.

Recently compared to renowned contemporary bossa nova singer Bebel Gilberto by Brazil’s acclaimed EPOCA Magazine and with over a year of consecutive sold out concerts around Australia, Brazilian Singer Juliana Areias is already a reference in the local music scene and abroad.  Juliana’s music embraces several shades of the Brazilian music spectrum and its resonance with  jazz and other international musical styles. Her authentic Brazilian voice, sense of groove, engaging charisma and a very personal and passionate stage presence are the trademarks of her work.

Juliana was personally introduced to the Bossa Nova founders when she was a teenager by legendary Brazilian Music historian and journalist Ruy Castro who also named her “The Bossa Nova Baby”. This direct learning and unique experience have inspired her to become a professional singer.

Juliana Areias has lived for many years in Europe (Switzerland) and New Zealand prior to moving to Australia. Always working in the music circuit, her career includes performances at major international festivals such as the revered Montreux Jazz Festival, Auckland Festival, and American’s Cup (NZ).

Most recent performances include, a concert at 505 in Sydney, The Kings Park Festival,  The Perth International Jazz Festival, New York’s exhibition “Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond” at The Art Gallery of Western Australia, and Ritmo Festival at The Darling Harbour, performing for over 30.000 people.

Juliana Areias is now releasing her first original album “Bossa Nova Baby” in Australia, funded by the Department of Culture and the Arts and supported by  over 100 business sponsors and fans. The album is a celebration of over 15 years of performing and composing with superb musicians around the world, specially in Brazil, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. .

_ The Album “Bossa Nova Baby” reflects the present, here and now, as well as the richness of the whole spectrum of Brazilian music with its multiple influences, combined with the wonderful quality of music we produce here in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is considered the most isolated metropolis in the world, yet I think, it’s one of the most inspiring, musical and artistic places I have ever experienced – celebrates Juliana Areias, based in Perth since 2009. _Just as Bossa Nova Baby is my musical nickname, bossa nova is my very essence as a singer and songwriter.

Juliana Areias has also previously recorded for the  poet, composer and Brazilian diplomat Marcio Catunda, 6 of his albums produced respectively in Switzerland (Anima Lirica -1997), Bulgaria (Crescente – 2000), Brazil ( Mistica Beleza – 2003/ Itinerario Sentimental – 2008) , Spain (Agua de Flores – 2009) and Portugal (O Jardineiro da Vida – 2010).

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