Serie of articles explaining the connection between Brazilian Music and Brazilian History and its relevance to the world –  written by Juliana Areias  and published at the Brazilian-Australian Falamos Portugues Magazine (DRT Publishing Pty Ltd).

Brazilian Music – Part 1 – Introduction –  December 2010 – Issue 23

Singing, telling and making history.


Brazilian Music – Part 2 –  Samba-  January  2011 – Issue 24

 Samba – The National Rhythm that conquered the world.


Brazilian Music – Part 3- Bossa Nova –  February 2011 – Issue 25

 Bossa Nova – When samba and jazz fell in love forever

Brazilian Music- Part 4 – MPB and Tropicalia –  March/April 2011 – Issue 26

Brazilian Musical movement of from 1964-1884 –  MPB and Tropicalia – The borderless music that fooled a dictatorship

Brazilian Music- Part 5 – 80’s Brazilian Pop Rock – May/June 2011 – Issue 27

Brazilian Musical movement of from 1980-1989 – 80’s Brazilian Pop Rock – “Two steps from paradise” and democracy

BRAZILIAN MUSIC PART 6 – 90’s Brazilian Music – Jul/Ago 2011 – Issue 28

– 90’s Brazilian Music – The dance of Globalization .



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  1. Hi Ari!This post took my breath away! She is a shiinng example of advanced style, and such an inspiration. Just what I needed!Thank you so much for sharing with us. Best, J.


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