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Sponsors logos all crowdfunding campaign Juliana Areias



Hello Bossa Nova Babies! We did it!

Now it’s official! Thanks to you, supporters of my Pozible Crowd-funding campaign,  and  to the funding of  the Department of Culture and the Arts of the Government of Western Australia , the Bossa Nova Baby Album is a reality.

These are the incredible “angel supporters” of this Album –  in Australia, Brazil, Italy, France, New Zealand, Qatar, Andorra, England,  USA and Switzerland – so far!

You are the first people to believe in this recording dream and to show that this project is credible and feasible. This list is just to acknowledge and celebrate your support! Thank you very much! Muito Obrigada!

List last updated on 06/01/2015


DCA Logo Funding_Logos and Branding_DCA_Colour Pos*** The Department of Culture and the Arts – The Government of Western Australia ***



  1. *** METAX ***


  1.  *** Geoffrey Drake-Brockman ***  
  2. *** Jose Wilson Areias Mendes ***
  3. *** ZAMBELLI’S PIZZA ***
  4. Zambelli's Pizza Logo


  1. ***Odair Ortega***
  2. ***Frederico Correa Ramanzini***
  3. ***Graca Cabral Mendes***
  4. ***Ascelino Teixeira Mendes*** 



  1. Fashion clothes by MELKO/ TOTEM AUSTRALIA,
  3. a draw of AU$500 by OI EXCHANGE ,
  4. Samba no pe dance classes by SANDDANCE 
  5. Dance classes all styles by  JUAN RANDO DANCE ACADEMY 



  1.  *** Geoffrey Drake-Brockman *** – “1st Honorary Producer”  
  2.  Claudia Jardim Rondon
  3. Jill Farrant
  4. Karen Ball
  5. Ugo Perissonoto
  6. Ale Kali
  7. Rodrigo Vasconcellos
  8. ***Odair Ortega*** – “1st Special Patron”  
  9. Sue Burns
  10. Marcio Mendes
  11. Marcia Gottgtroy
  12. Lia-Eliane Goncalves
  13. Cema Santos
  14.  Cati Areoso
  15. Wanda Cabral
  16. Tania Dolinschek Johansen
  17. Rubens Vasconcellos De Donno
  18. Gabriel Teixeira
  19. Maria Conceicao Silva
  20. Eduardo Melo
  21. Renata Marques-Sociedade Internacional
  22. Carlos Franco
  23. Maria Pracas
  24. Carlos Danski
  25. Shameem Tahere-Lee
  26. Joe Southwell
  27. John Robbins
  28. Daniela Grose-Daniela Collection
  29. Catarina & Silvio Meirelles
  30. Eduardo Ruaro
  31. Terrence Loh
  32. Marcia & Habbib Haas
  33. Steve Clark
  34. Stefano Rossi-The Kiosk Floreat Beach Cafe
  35. Vanessa Sanzovo
  36. Alisson Sandi
  37. Laura Pedro
  38. Lauren Jerrat
  39. Deborah Lee Deegan
  40. Edson Beraldo
  41. Walber Almeida
  42. Joselyn Sloan
  43. Jaycie Skye-Judith Cullity
  44. Karen Hill
  45. Ourico – Capoeira Cordao de Ouro
  46. Jason Lim
  47. Flavia & Henrique Melo
  48. ***Jose Wilson Areias Mendes*** “2nd Honorary Producer”
  49. Vera Caseiro & Reinaldo Sato
  50. Wilson Casado
  51. Paul Denniss
  52. Bruna Buava
  53. Cherry Ning
  54. Alexa Wilkins
  55. Gustavo Potenza
  56. Aline Potenza
  57. Wagner Silveira
  58. Wallace Madallon
  59. Mona-Lynn Courteau
  60. *** Frederico Ramanzini *** “2nd Special Patron”  
  61. Barbara & Eduardo Cardoso – Oi Exchange
  62. Veronika Andersson
  63. Carina Leone & Giba Carvalho
  64. Margareth Lamberto
  65. Taupule Wilson
  66. Lourinete Buck
  67. Rosane Valessi
  68. Isautier Audrey
  69. Adail Retamal
  70. Michael B. Pleasant
  71. Eliane Cunha da Silva
  72. Mariana Degrazia
  73. *** Graca Cabral Mendes & Ascelino Teixeira Mendes  ***–  “3rd & 4th Special Patrons”
  74. Jeffrey Bryant
  75. Johannes Dimyadi
  76. Maria Celia Barreto Hawkins
  77. Brazil WA – Brazilian Association of WA
  78. Rafael Baro
  79. Vera Cabral
  80. James Flynn
  81. Claire Hegarty
  82. Garry Lee
  83. Jose Henrique Alves
  84. *** Marcia & Reginaldo Farias Santos *** – “3rd Honorary Producer”
  85. *** METAX *** – “1st Corporate Sponsor” 
  86. Alan Crabbe
  87. Rosane Aquino de Souza
  88. Jo Baggio
  89. Heloisa & Peter McMillan
  90. Carlos Cesar Candido Campos
  91. Ben Bowtell
  92. Sandra Barbosa
  93. Clara Boechat Mendes
  94. Felicio, Joao Luiz e Marilia Cabral Mendes
  95. Elvis Nguyen
  96. Phillip Edward Martin
  97. Wesley
  98. Goreth Diogenes
  99. Tiago Araripe
  100. Aldara Leon
  101. Mara Faval
  102. Juliana Barbosa Barnes
  103. Viviane Antunes – Ozzy Study
  104. Penny Hudson
  105. Beatriz Beshara
  106. Luciana & Igor Negrao
  107. Gabriela Soares
  108. Australian Centre
  109. Karita Maia Mello
  110. Paul Carreno – El Presidente
  111. Andre Isautier
  112. David Von Czekus Noguerol
  113. Jiten Bhatt
  114. Bruno Ferreira
  115. Brenda Lee
  116. Sandra Reynolds
  117. Liliana Aguirre – Multicultural Language Centre
  118. Suzanne & John Paparo
  119. Patricia Loureiro Carneiro
  120. Andrea de Kauwe
  121. Susanna Hopkins-Walther
  122. Jen de Ness
  123. Ana & Ewan Fisk
  124. Virginia Pedrazzani
  125. Cristiano Franco
  126. Todd Hutchison – People Rich – Peopleistic
  127. Susana Kovacevic
  128. Drika & Alan Timms
  129. Maria Mendes Cassis
  130. Tereza Silva
  131. Bartira Gorgulho, Silvia Mendes & Luiz Chalita
  133. Yuri – Cheesebuddy
  134. Michelle Oblowitz
  135. Christina Schmidt Davet
  136. Luna Boechat Mendes
  137. Aaron Welch
  138. Taise Raumati
  139. Karla Kastrup
  140. Marta Torres
  141. VIA JULIANA AREIAS WEBSITE – Roberto Mukai – DJ Bobby Brazuka
  142. Stella Rondon
  143. Robert Housley, Petro and Yuka
  144. Simone Chalmers

UPDATE 1 – Perth 01/12/2014


Campaign Draw Oi Exchange Juliana Areias Pozible Bossa Nova Baby 5

Hello Bossa Nova Babies!

Thank you all for making the Bossa Nova Baby CD possible! Thanks to you, we have funded 50% of the total cost to produce the Bossa Nova Baby Album. Now we are working on the pre-production and arrangement of the songs. We have also applied for a grant. If it is approved, the project will count on the support of the Department of Culture and the Arts of WA!  

Congratulations to Wilson Casado, the Bossa Nova Baby CD Album supporter number #50 ! You are the lucky winner of  the Draw for AU$500 cash from Oi Exchange – Money Transfer Expert between Australia and Brazil . www.oiexchange.com.au  

Thank you for your amazing support! 

More news about the progress of the project and the winners of the rewards from all other sponsors – Totem Australia, Daniella Collection, SandDance and Juan Rando Dance Academy – coming soon.

Stay tuned! 

Bossa Nova Kisses!
Juliana Areias 

Perth, 15/04/2014.

Hello Bossa Nova Baby! 

The month of May brings exciting news for you!

Please find below full information about the Perth Jazz Society Sunday sessions at Laneway Lounge, including a presentation as part of  The Perth International Jazz Festival on 11/5 – 6.30-8.30pm. 

Now it’s time to receive your rewards from the sponsors Totem Australia/Melko, Daniella Collection, SandDance and Juan Rando Dance Academy.


If you have contributed $50 or over for Juliana Areias’s new album Bossa Nova Baby, please go to Melko/Totem Online Shop and type the coupon discount code ”areias” on checkout to receive your $25 credit towards any Totem purchase with melko.com.au ( *Not cash redeemable. Valid for the month of May 2014 only. Worldwide Online Shop. Total number of winners: 82). 

Congratulation to Graca Cabral and Marilia Mendes , the winners of 2  exclusive free dresses by  Melko/Totem Australia. 


If you have contributed $150 or over for Juliana Areias’s new album Bossa Nova Baby, please go to Daniela Collection Online Shop and type the discount code ”areias” on checkout to receive your 30% discount credit towards any purchase with danielacollection.com.au ( *Not cash redeemable. Valid for the month of May 2014 only. Worldwide Online Shop. Total number of winners: 21).

Congratulations to Frederico Ramanzini, the winner of 1 exclusive free jewelry piece by Daniela Collection.


Congratulations to Renata Martins, the winner of a “Samba no Pe” Class By SandDance. 


Congratulations to Terrence Loh, Geoffrey Drake-Brockman and Cynthia Zambelli, the winners of the 50% discount cards for a Private Latin Dance Class and of the Full Latin dance course for 6 weeks.


Congratulations to Wilson Casado, the Bossa Nova Baby CD Album supporter number #50 ! You are the lucky winner of the Draw for AU$500 cash from Oi Exchange – Money Transfer Expert between Australia and Brazil . www.oiexchange.com.au


Welcome to the Bossa Nova Baby CD campaign’s new sponsors METAX based in Brazil and PIZZA ZAMBELLI about to open in Perth soon!  

Thank you all again for your fundamental support !

More news about the progress of the project coming in the next few months!

Stay tuned and see you around! 

Bossa Nova Kisses!
Juliana Areias 

Perth, 01/05/2014.

Juliana Areias - Bossa Nova Baby CD album POZIBLE Crowd Funding Campaign postal_final


ABOUT THE PROJECT – The Crowd-funding Campaign

The story of the project

( Information in Portuguese at the bottom of the page / INFORMACAO EM PORTUGUES NO FINAL DA PAGINA, ABAIXO DA BANDEIRA DO BRASIL)
Hi There! Thanks for checking out my crowd-funding campaign :-)I’m a Brazilian-born vocalist and songwriter based in Perth, Australia, and I am producing my first original album, titled; “Bossa Nova Baby”. The album is a celebration of over 15 years of performing and composing with superb musicians around the world, specially in Brazil, Switzerland, New Zealand and now Australia.
My songs embrace the full spectrum of Brazilian music and its resonance with other musical styles such as jazz, funk, pop and rock. My album will explore how my authentic Bossa Nova accent has evolved over the years and has found influences in all the places I’ve been to and people I’ve met.
“Bossa Nova Baby” is my musical nickname and it reflects my essence as a singer and songwriter. My love for music has inspired me to follow the artistic path and here I am today, ready to share all these inspirations and the very best of me, my music…
The album will have 12 original tracks, all recorded in Perth with some of the most highly regarded jazz musicians in Australia. It has always been my dream to create this album with such quality standards and I am thankful that now I have the access, opportunity and maturity to draw all the necessary people and elements together to make it real.
My mission with this project is to create a contemporary dialogue between Bossa Nova and all my other musical influences. My goal is to greet my audience with a type of music that goes beyond traditional boundaries and language barriers that can genuinely connect with people on higher levels of beauty, truth, love and life.
If this “sounds good” to you, please support my campaign. And as thank you token also enjoy the fabulous rewards given by my amazing sponsors who have been collaborating with my career and believing in my music for years.Thank you for your support!

How the funds will be used

The full production of the album will cost me some AU$35,000 :
Session musician fees ~ AU$13.200
Recording engineer fees (recording, production, mixing and mastering) ~ AU$9,700
Photography and Artwork design ~ AU$1,900
CD Pressing and Digipack cover printing ~ AU$1,400
APRA registration and royalty fees ~ AU$660
Administrative costs – ( CD postage, etc) ~ AU$1,900
Primary marketing and online distribution ~ AU$4200
CD launch expenses ~ AU$1800
* Pre-production costs ~ 5500 (Amount not added in the total cost of AU$ 35,000 but already spent to make the video, photo, flyer, printing, advertise, concert and music arrangements to launch this crowd-funding campaign.)To cover half of these production expenses, I am aiming to raise $17,500 from this crowd-funding campaign. For the other half I will be contributing with at least AU$ 7,500 from my own savings. I am also applying for a $10,000 government grant which will have its chances of approval doubled if this campaign is successful. As you can see, It is all or nothing. Your funds will only get drawn from you and released to my project if we meet this $17,500 target completely.Any extra money raised from this campaign will allow me to invest in the promotion of the album worldwide. This will help me to kick-start my Australian and overseas tours once the album is released. Would you like to come and watch my live perform in your city? THANK YOU for your generous contribution and for being part of my musical journey! It’s GREATLY appreciated!

Some of my other work

Over 50 videos at my Official Youtube Channel : Juliana Areias Music
Visit my website: www.julianaareias.com
Become a fan of my Facebook Page: Juliana Areias – Brazilian Singer

Risk and challenges

A huge part of the pre-production work for this project is already in progress: I have selected all the songs that I will record and I am in the process of working on the arrangements with my fellow musicians. Rehearsals and live performances are scheduled. All musicians and studio have confirmed their participation in the project. My marketing and publicity plan is already in place.If both my crowd-funding campaign and my government grant application are not successful this time, it will definitely delay each step of the project. I will have to postpone the official release of the album and I will have to progress with the Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby recording project very slowly. Unfortunately it will take me much longer to conclude it as I will have to subdivide the project to be able to afford all costs on my own. I also will have to generate extra income to be able to keep investing literally all my savings in this goal. At the same time I’ll try and find other alternatives for sponsorship such as organizations from the corporate sector with whom I can negotiate to support my project. I will not rest until I can afford to cover the whole project, because it is important for me as an artist and it is fundamental for the long term progress of my career.I am a quite well-organised, self-driven and perseverant independent artist and I am used to dealing with all the challenges and last minute changes of the music industry. So far I have overcome all obstacles to keep my artistic career constantly improving thanks to a lot of hard work, passion, integrity , creativity and, of course, the support of my fans and sponsors.To avoid any delay in the realization of this project I need your generous support.Thank you for your understanding!Juliana Areias :)


Queridos amigos, família, fans e amantes da boa música,Após mais de 15 anos me apresentando e compondo com músicos fantásticos pelo mundo a fora – especialmente no Brasil, Suíça, Nova Zelândia e agora na Austrália – chegou a hora de compartilhar todas essas inspirações, o melhor de mim, minha música, minhas canções próprias, com você e com o mundo.Estou lançando uma campanha de financiamento coletivo para produzir o meu primeiro álbum autoral, intitulado “Bossa Nova Baby”, onde você compra o álbum antecipadamente para me ajudar no custo da produção. Por favor, participe e escolha como você pode contribuir e os prêmios que quer ganhar , apertando “pledge now” ou “pledge agora” nesse link abaixo:
Veja em portuguêsA campanha aceita contribuições de todos os países e moedas e faz a conversão do dólar australiano para o real instantaneamente. Pozible é o website australiano melhor conceituado para campanhas desse estilo. As contribuições são processadas com segurança por cartão de crédito ou sistema Pay-Pal. Os prêmios também serão entregues em qualquer lugar do mundo sem nenhum custo adicional. Qualquer dúvida ou se precisar de ajuda para acessar o website, por favor, fale comigo ( juliana@julianaareias.com ).Somente com a sua contribuição o CD Bossa Nova Baby poderá ser produzido. A campanha tem um prazo limitado para progredir e ser bem sucedida. As contribuições feitas serão processadas somente se a campanha atingir a sua meta total no final do prazo determinado. Ou seja, voce faz sua contribuição agora, mas o seu cartao será debitado somente no dia 31 de marco. Por isso, se você pode contribuir com esse projeto, é importante que o faça rapidamente. Por favor, contribua agora e faça parte dessa viagem musical comigo, apoiando o crescimento da arte e cultura brasileira mundialmente.Além de ganhar o álbum em formato digital ou CD; com quanto mais você puder contribuir, mais gratificações você vai ganhar. Você pode ganhar outros prêmios dos meus patrocinadores, incluindo , 4 vestidos daTotem, grife brasileira internacional, 10 colares da Daniela Collection, uma entrada para participar do sorteio de 500 dolares australianos feito pela Oi Exchange, aulas de dança e muito mais. Você pode ainda ser destacado como co-produtor do CD e ter uma das canções do CD dedicada a você ou a alguém que você ama.A campanha também apresenta um pacote para empresas interessadas em se tornarem meus patrocinadoras oficiais por um ano, com exclusividades tais como, exposição da sua logomarca no meu website e minhas paginas virtuais, um show ao vivo para a empresa, copias do CD como brindes para seus clientes e claro o status de ser uma empresa que apoia arte e cultura brasileira mundialmente.Super obrigada pela sua ajuda tão essencial!Beijos cheios de bossa,Juliana Areias :)”Lá, é meu lugar. Melhor que qualquer lugar. Coração.” ( Juliana Areias – canção “Meu Lugar”).

Project Team

Juliana Areias

Perth, Western AustraliaMessageSupported 1 ProjectsFacebook linked as Juliana Areias with 2458 friends.


With over a year of consecutive sold out concerts around Australia, Brazilian Singer Juliana Areias, based in Perth since 2009 is already a reference in the local music scene and abroad.

Juliana was personally introduced to the Bossa Nova founders when she was a teenager by legendary Brazilian Music historian and journalist Ruy Castro who also named her “The Bossa Nova Baby”. This direct learning and unique experience have inspired her to become a professional singer.

Juliana Areias has lived for many years in Europe (Switzerland) and New Zealand prior to moving to Australia. Always working in the music circuit, her career includes performances at major international festivals such as the revered Montreux Jazz Festival, Auckland Festival, and American’s Cup (NZ). Most recent 2013 performances include the Inaugural Perth International Jazz Festival, New York’s exhibition “Van Gogh, Dali and Beyong” at The Art Gallery of Western Australia, and Ritmo Festival at The Darling Harbour, performing for over 30.000 people.

Juliana Areias has recorded for the poet, composer and Brazilian diplomat Marcio Catunda, 6 of his albums produced respectively in Switzerland (Anima Lirica -1997), Bulgaria (Crescente – 2000), Brazil ( Mistica Beleza – 2003/ Itinerario Sentimental – 2008) , Spain (Agua de Flores – 2009) and Portugal (O Jardineiro da Vida – 2010). .

Juliana Areias music embraces several shades of the Brazilian music spectrum and its resonance upon jazz and other international musical styles.

Her authentic Brazilian voice, sense of groove, engaging charisma and a very personal and passionate stage presence are the trademarks of her work.

:More information: http://www.julianaareias.com




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