FB_Profile_image_300– 2015 JULIANA AREIAS – BOSSA NOVA BABY  – Juliana Areias first original album  funded by The Department of Culture and the Arts  of the Government of Western Australia and by the supporters and sponsors of the Pozible Crowd-funded campaign .

Order yours now and be part of the project:

BUY NOW BOTTOM– AU$15 –  Digital Download


BUY NOW BOTTOM AU$35 –  The CD – with postage included –  in a specially designed artwork cover and booklet with lyrics and translations signed by Juliana and mailed straight to you anywhere in the world.

– 6 CD albums interpreting songs of Brazilian composer, poet and diplomat Marcio Catunda

Recordings produced across 6 countries and 3 continents : America, Europe and Oceania.

– 2010 – O JARDINEIRO DA VIDA (Life’s gardener ) – Portugal –  Produced by Marcelo Miranda and Milton Batera in Lisbon, Portugal. 

– 2009 – AGUA DE FLORES ( Flowers’ water) – Spain

Produced by Pedro Moreno in Madrid, Spain.

Tracks: #6 Navio Perdido , #14 Viagem

– 2008 – ITINERARIO SENTIMENTAL ( Sentimental Itinerary) – Portugal

Produced by Marcelo Miranda and Milton Batera in Lisbon, Portugal.

Track #15 – Idilio.

– 2003 – MISTICA BELEZA – double CD (Mystic Beauty) – Brazil

Produced by Fernando Campos in Brasilia, Brazil.

Tracks #8 Um novo tempo,#9 Por toda a vida, #11 Crescente

– 2000 – CRESCENTE ( Crescent) – Bulgaria.

Produced by Christian Boyadjiev in  Sofia, Bulgaria.

Tracks: #1 Vozes Unidas, #2 Madrugada em mim, #3 Claridade, #4 No quintal da esperanca, #5 Crescente, #6 Viajante do tempo, #7 No tempo claro de harmonia, #8 No segredo da noite, #9 Transcender, #10 Amor de salvacao, #11 Mares de Fortaleza, #12 Sobre as ondas, #13 Por toda a vida, #14 Luz, esperanca e amor.

– 1997 – ANIMA LIRICA ( Lyrical Soul) – Switzerland

Produced by Rubens Diniz in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tracks: #Na praia do meu futuro, #2 O sol, #Supremo Deus, #4 Ave, #5 Hino Matinal, #6 No ceu da certeza, #7 Nas alturas do azul, #8 Idilio, #9 Cantiga, #10 Um novo tempo, #11 Cancao andina, #12 O luar do teu olhar, #13 Teu sorriso atraente.


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